Volume 6 Issue 1

Withdrawn Brands Still Popular in Russia

Western oil companies may have pulled out of Russia, but they remain among the country’s most recognized motor oil brands, a recent survey found. In 2022, the three most sought-after brands were the same as in Autostat’s 2021 survey – Shell, Lukoil and ExxonMobil’s Mobil.

Turkmen Firm Enters Lubes Business

Geljege Miras, a polymer products maker, has begun producing lubricants for cars and trucks at a blending plant in Turkmenistan, a local news organization reported recently. The plant is located in the Ak Bugday district near Ashgabat, in Ahal province, and will make a variety of products ranging from crankcase oils for internal combustion engines to hydraulic fluids.

Study: Electrical Field Alters Film Thickness

The remote application of an electric field between a metal part and electrodes can change the thickness of pre-existing lubricant film, opening the possibility of adjusting lubrication in applications considered inaccessible, according to a recently published scientific report by researchers representing organizations and universities in Sweden, France, Belgium and Australia.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

France’s TotalEnergies and China’s Sany – developer and manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, port and oil drilling machinery and wind-energy systems – signed a memorandum of cooperation to launch comprehensive lubricant solutions for the European market. The companies also extended their global partnership through the end of March 2024.