Turkmen Firm Enters Lubes Business


Turkmen Firm Enters Lubes Business
Cars passing along a street in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. © Jakub Buza

Geljege Miras, a polymer products maker, has begun producing lubricants for cars and trucks at a blending plant in Turkmenistan, a local news organization reported recently.

The plant is located in the Ak Bugday district near Ashgabat, in Ahal province, and will make a variety of products ranging from crankcase oils for internal combustion engines to hydraulic fluids. Sold under the brand GM Oil – for Geljege Miras – the products are sold in 1-, 2-, 20- and 200-liter containers, the Rysgal reported Dec. 12.

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Owned by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, Rysgal is the first and only private newspaper in Turkmenistan.

Geljege Miras said its lubricants are sold into the domestic market and exported to “friendly” countries such as Iran, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova. The company is working on increasing its export volumes.

Rysgal did not report the capacity of the operation.

Geljege Miras’ production of polymers began in 2019 and includes plastic bags and other plastic products for everyday life. The company has a workforce of 300.

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