Volume 5 Issue 37

Russia Shifts to Chinese Additive Imports

The volume of lubricant additives imported into Russia fell more than 70% in March, following the country’s invasion of Ukraine, but rebounded to a 5% year-on-year increase in June, when China accounted for 95% of additives imports, according to a market research firm.

Norway Distributors Feeling the EV Pinch

Registrations of new passenger cars in Norway are now almost all electric, giving automotive workshop lubricant suppliers cause for concern. So far in 2022, electric vehicles accounted for 88% of all new passenger car registrations, the highest market share of new EV registrations in the world.

Adjusting Marine Lubes for Ammonia Fuels

As marine engine manufacturers develop equipment that can run on ammonia, it has become clear they will require modified lubricant formulations to address issues such as ammonia’s different corrosive action and its impact on common elastomer seals, a speaker said at an online webinar earlier this month.

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Briefly Noted

Domestic sales of new passenger cars in South Africa in August increased 15% to 31,269 units, compared to the same month last year, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa reported. Year-to-date through August, such vehicle sales were up 23% at 238,844, compared to the same period last year.