Volume 4 Issue 43

Turkey’s Lube Demand Stalled in 2020

Turkey produced and imported 754,000 metric tons of finished lubricants in 2020, the same level as in 2019 according to estimates by LLK-International, which blamed the stagnation on impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Azelis Acquires African Distributor Umongo

A subsidiary of specialty chemicals distributor Azelis will acquire 90% of the shares of South Africa-based lubricants, lubricant additives and base oil distributor Umongo – majority owned by Omnia Group – for 1 billion South African rand (U.S. $68 million), Omnia said in an Oct. 21 South African stock exchange announcement.

Lehvoss Adds Western Europe Distributor

Lehvoss Group, a producer and distributor of raw materials for lubricant additives and base oils based in Hamburg, Germany, acquired French lubricant additive distributor GP2C, the company announced last week.

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Briefly Noted

ATIEL, the technical association for the European lubricants industry, this week published an updated version of its Code of Practice, which sets guidelines for the development of ACEA automotive engine oil sequences for the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association. Issue 22 of the code includes the ACEA 2021 update to the association’s light-duty engine oil sequences, which had their commercial launch in May. Issue 21 is still available on ATIEL’s website for reference for valid claims against the 2016 sequences. Lube marketers are permitted to promote products as meeting the 2016 light-duty sequences until April of next year. The organization’s codes of practice are available for free download here.