Volume 4 Issue 39

Azmol-BP Claims 8% of Ukraine Market

In the past few years, Ukrainian lube maker Azmol-British Petrochemicals has focused on replacing imported products used in the modern automobiles and industrial equipment. Officials claim that the strategy is helping the company grow at double-digit rates, so they intend to keep following it to a larger share of the market.

France Demand Slowed in July

Although lubricant demand in France slowed year on year for the second consecutive month in July, the sales volume was the second-highest for a month this year, trailing only March’s results. Finished lube sales in France declined 5% to 49,732 metric tons in July, compared with 52,099 tons in July 2020.

Group Develops Renewable Thickeners

A German consortium announced that it has successfully completed a three-year project to develop biolubricant thickeners made of polyhydroxyalkanoates, naturally occurring polyesters. The group also announced that it will continue its work, trying now to make products that are marketable and cost-competitive.

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Briefly Noted

Passenger car vehicle registrations in the European Union dropped 23% to 823,949 units in July, and decreased 19% to 622,993 units in August, compared to the same months last year, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association reported. That ended a streak of four consecutive year-on-year increases from March through June.