France Demand Slowed in July


France Demand Slowed in July

Although lubricant demand in France slowed year on year for the second consecutive month in July, the sales volume was the second-highest for a month this year, trailing only March’s results.

Finished lube sales in France declined 5% to 49,732 metric tons in July, compared with 52,099 tons in July 2020, the Professional Lubricants Center reported in data released Sept. 16. The July total was topped this year only by 51,291 tons in March.

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In July, the automotive segment’s lubricant sales volume decreased to 26,270 tons, down 4% from 27,470 tons in the same month last year. That was the third–highest level for the automotive segment this year, behind 28,216 tons in March and 26,488 tons in April.

Passenger car engine oil demand declined 3% to 15,542 tons in July. Sales of engine oils used in commercial diesel vehicles fell 9% to 4,633 tons. Among automotive lubricants, automatic transmission fluids consumption decreased 3% to 714 tons in July.

Sales in the industrial segment – not including process oils – fell 6% to 17,888 tons in July. However, it was the highest industrial consumption total for a month this year, ahead of 16,892 tons in March. Within the segment, hydraulic transmission oils consumption dropped 10% to 6,737 tons in July. Compressor oil demand was down 10% at 212 tons. Turbine oils showed strong growth, rising 23% to 252 tons.

Process oil sales volumes decreased 2% to 5,574 tons for July. This was the third-highest monthly process oil consumption total this year, trailing 6,183 tons in March and 6,083 tons in February. France is the second-largest lubricant market in Western and Central Europe, following Germany.

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