Volume 4 Issue 21

Kline: Industry Bounced Back in 2020

The lubricant industry bounced back from the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of 2020, as demand recovered to pre-outbreak levels after sagging as much as 30% to 50% during March and April, but the crisis still depressed the industry’s growth outlook, according to Kline & Co. consultancy.

Serbia Far From EU Rerefining Norms

Serbia consumed 54,000 tons of finished lubricants in 2019, but the country recycles only 1.5% of that quantity back into base stocks, and it has a long way to go to meet the European Union targets for waste oil collection and rerefining, an industry event heard last week.

Castrol Aims for Paper Lube Packaging

Castrol recently announced a partnership with packaging technology company Pulpex – which has developed a technology that forms bottles from wood pulp – to design paper containers for use with Castrol’s lubricants.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

OQ Chemicals announced on May 19 price increases in Europe on several carboxylic acids that can be used as intermediates in synthetic lubricants: €110 (U.S. $135) per metric ton for both 2 ethylhexanoic acid and isononanoic acid, €50/t for both n-butyric acid and isobutyric acid, and €180/t for n-valeric acid.