Volume 3 Issue 28

Rosneft’s Sales Grew in 2019

Rosneft’s domestic lubricant sales grew almost 10% to 712,000 tons in 2019, up from 650,000 tons the year before as expanded distribution channels positioned the company as the leading supplier in Russia.

Siddharth Opens Plant in UAE

India-based Siddharth Grease & Lubes Pvt.’s subsidiary opened a lubricant and grease manufacturing plant in the United Arab Emirates to supply markets from North Africa to the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Formulating Bike Lube Systematically

A British supplier of bicycle cleaning products devised a process to determine the performance characteristics of chain lubes, which can be the difference between winning and losing in the fiercely competitive cycling world, according to one cycle racer.

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Briefly Noted

Petrogress Int’l LLC concluded an agreement with Port Said Shipping & Nav. Co. SA to start bunkering operations and collection of oil residues from ships at the Egyptian ports of Port Said, Alexandria and Damietta. The company expects to commence operations at the ports by August, including management of waste oil and the collection of waste lubricants and all liquids generated by ships during their operations.