Siddharth Opens Plant in UAE


India-based Siddharth Grease & Lubes Pvt.’s subsidiary opened a lubricant and grease manufacturing plant in the United Arab Emirates to supply markets from North Africa to the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Trinity Lubes and Greases FZC is a fully owned subsidiary of Siddharth. According to a press release, the 6,305 square meter Trinity facility is on a 12,500 square meter site in the Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah, U.A.E. The facility has capacity to produce 36,000 kiloliters (32,400 metric tons) of lubricants and 12,000 tons of grease per year.

“The facility is strategically located along the inner harbor of the Hamriyah Free Zone and has direct access to the main base oil pipe line,” the company said in a press release. “This allows for efficient and easy loading and unloading from sea tankers as well as direct access to base oil ….”

The company said 15 tanks of various capacities provide more than 2,500 kiloliters of storage and flexibility to store multiple grades of base oils and additives.

The lubricant blending plant includes automatic batch-blending and drum decanting units and 14 storage tanks of 20 kiloliters each to store multiple grades of different types of finished lubricants. Decanting is a chemical laboratory process used to separate mixtures.

The grease manufacturing portion of the site includes four cooling kettles of 12 metric tons capacity each and four holding kettles of 12 metric tons each. The company noted each holding tank is fitted with triple stage colloid mills and homogenizers and filters. A colloid mill is a type of rotor-stator mixer often used to make emulsions and dispersions.

Siddharth Grease and Lubes has manufactured lubricants and greases since 1988.

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