Volume 3 Issue 25

Survey: Russian Sales Shift to Online

Russian lubricant manufacturers are slashing investment, staff and marketing projects during the Covid-19 pandemic in favor of digital incentives, according to an industry survey.

VLS Cites Hyperdrive Engine Oil

United Kingdom-based Verification of Lubricant Standards announced last week that it reported an engine oil marketed by HyperDrive Lubricants to the National Trading Standards Board for failing to meet its performance claims.

May Car Sales Still Low in EU

There are signs of moderate recovery in May for passenger car registrations across the European Union, according to the latest data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

China’s Bohui Nixes Group II Plant

Use of Base Oil Brokers Rises in Mexico

Covid-19 Impacts Vary by Region, Markets

Briefly Noted

A Swedish court on June 15 approved an extension of Nynas AB’s company reorganization for another three months, until Sept. 15. One of the world’s largest suppliers of naphthenic base stocks, Nynas filed for reorganization in Swedish court on Dec. 13 last year and later filed an extension to the process shortly before it was originally set to end on March 13, which gave it until June 15 to complete the reorganization.