Volume 3 Issue 11

Nynas Clears Reorganization Hurdle

Nynas AB cleared a significant hurdle in its reorganization efforts last week after the United States Office of Foreign Asset Control confirmed that a proposed change in the company’s ownership structure would exempt it from sanctions that it says have undermined its profitability. Nynas also said it will file to extend its reorganization now that its initial three-month reorganization period ended.

NNPC Launches Lubes in Nigeria

Industry insiders said they expect state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. to make waves with its entry into the country’s lubricant market last November.

Every Drop Can Make a Difference

Base oils are almost invisible but play an essential role in our everyday lives, ensuring society can move efficiently, smoothly, reliably and sustainably. Simply put, without them, the world would grind to a halt.

VMPAuto Opens Russian Grease Plant

Russian lubricants marketer VMPAuto opened a small plant in the industrial sector of St. Petersburg in February.

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Briefly Noted

Zeaborn Ship Management, with a fleet of around 130 ships, will from now on handle the procurement of all engine oils, lubricants and greases for ship operations via Hamburg, Germany-based start-up Closelink, which provides a digital procurement platform for maritime lubricants.