Every Drop Can Make a Difference


Every Drop Can Make a Difference

Base oils are almost invisible but play an essential role in our everyday lives, ensuring society can move efficiently, smoothly, reliably and sustainably. Simply put, without them, the world would grind to a halt.

This may be a bold statement but for Neste it is a truth that drives us every day. We strive for excellence and are always fully committed to ensuring the premium quality of our base oils.

In the coming years the key industry trends that will drive our development efforts are the need to improve vehicle fuel economy and reduce GHG emissions. This means we have to ensure that more can be done with less. In other words, lubricants will have to offer better performance and longevity. This, in turn, means that we will focus on improving the qualities of our Group III base oils to meet future requirements and demands. Is this easier said than done? Not necessarily.

Neste was the first European company to produce Group III base oils back in the 1990s, and since then, we have been on a journey of discovery. As we enter the third decade of operating in this line of business, we recognize the experience we have gathered along the way. It is complemented by the expertise of our personnel and the state-of-the-art technology we utilize. These strengths ensure our unique ability to produce NEXBASE™ within specifications and consistently in-line with efficient blending processes for our customers.

But this is only one part of our recipe for success. The other equally important component is having partners who we listen to and actively communicate with on every level. From procurement to supply chain processes and R&D, peer-to-peer dialogue allows us to work smoothly and efficiently while making sure our customers’ needs are met.

Additionally, because our experienced customer service representatives are dedicated to individual customers, we can better understand all of the particularities of their diverse businesses. Combined with our global presence, we can provide approved NEXBASE base oils, produced to NEXBASE specifications at three sites around the world, ensuring business continuity and consistency.

That leaves us with one final, and maybe most important element: sustainability and our pledge to make the world a better place. Our customers want to cooperate with suppliers who have a clear and innovative sustainability business model in place. Neste, the third most sustainable company on the Global 100 list, can be the strong partner to help businesses  reach their own sustainability goals. Ultimately, together we provide efficient and innovative products that allow for better fuel economy and lower emissions. This, in turn, means less pollution, improved air quality and combating climate change for future generations.

We’re at the dawn of a new decade, and excited about the possibilities awaiting us as a business. We know that we are well prepared to make the most of them while helping our partners reach their goals and create a healthier planet for our children. This is why we believe that with base oils “every drop can make a difference”.

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Ed Potter is Head of Specialty Products at Neste

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