Volume 2 Issue 27

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

Chemical exports out of the U.S. are running at a reasonably steady pace. Europe and Asia, however, are both considered to be quieter than normal.-by Adrian Brown

Base Oil Traders Fret Over Tensions

Simmering tensions between Iran and the United States are stoking fears of cargo interruptions among major base oil traders. Insurance and ship charter costs are already spiraling, and analysts warn that escalation in the standoff could see facilities such as refining assets targeted.

New Oil Ageing Rig Still a Year Away

Bosch Rexroth is set to take delivery of the first prototype of its oil ageing test rig, a machine developed to obtain more precise values for the effects of lubricants ageing in the field. The prototype will be delivered in the coming weeks, an official with the German equipment manufacturer recently told a conference in Amsterdam.

Chemmotology: A Soviet Science Still Evolving

In the 1960s, scientists in the Soviet Union founded chemmotology, a science focused on making efficient use of fuels, lubricants and other fluids used in machinery. Today that science continues to evolve, although it did not spread and was not duplicated outside of its original boundaries.

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Briefly Noted

Nick Clague of SK Lubricants was appointed chairman of the Coordinating European Council for the Development of Performance Tests for Fuels, Lubricants and Other Fluids. CEC is made up of four stakeholders: the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, the Additive Technical Committee, the Technical Association for the European Lubricants Industry and the Oil Companies European Association for Environment, Health and Safety in Refining and Distribution.