Volume 1 Issue 13

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

Europe is still reasonably busy. The market from the United States to Asia has come unstuck, causing ripples to spread to some other U.S. routes. Asian markets are not particularly busy, but ships are sailing, and rates are generally stable.-by Adrian Brown

Group II Takes Hold in Europe

API Group II base stocks have carved a place for themselves in Europe during the past decade, and an Infineum official noted recently that several new suppliers are now entering the market.

Nigerian Blenders Protest Import Fees

The Lubricant Producers Association of Nigeria has asked the national government to prevent one of its agencies from imposing a new fee on base oil imports, claiming they will drive up finished lubricant prices.

Fuchs Plans to Expand

Following a strong fourth quarter and 2017, Fuchs Petrolub SE plans to focus on investing in China, the United States and Germany during 2018, the company stated in its annual report released last week. After opening several new facilities throughout 2017, the independent lubricant blender plans to open more over the next few years.

Police Raid Fake Motor Oil Operation in Russia

Russian police this week broke up an alleged a counterfeit motor oil distribution ring accused of defrauding oil companies of more than U.S. $200,000 in the Orsk region.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Indias Competition Commission recently approved German chemical distribution companyBrenntag AGs acquisition of Chennai, India-based petroleum specialty products companyRaj Petro Specialities. Petronas Lubricants International signed a dealership agreement with Gomeju Oil Ethiopia, allowing it to distribute Petronas lubricants and greases in Ethiopia.