Volume 5 Issue 49

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

In the U.S. Gulf, December space is becoming scarce, and rates are expected to rise further. Neither Europe nor Asia are particularly busy, but ships generally have several voyages booked ahead, and prompt space is no longer so common.-by Adrian Brown

Chevron Completes Vietnam Expansion

Chevron Lubricants Vietnam has completed the expansion of its Hai Phong, Vietnam, blending plant, a $5 million project that more than doubles the facilitys previous capacity. The company did not disclose the plants new capacity.

Explosion Halts Indian Blender

A lube blending plant in Chhattisgarh, India, has been halted following an explosion that seriously injured one employee. Officials at Parvati Lubricants were unable to give a time frame for resuming production due to resulting legal action.

Asian Nations Near Front of EV Curve

Global electric vehicle sales are growing rapidly from a small base but are concentrated to date in a handful of countries, including China, Japan and South Korea, according to a new report from LubesnGreases about EVs and their impact on lube markets.

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Briefly Noted

Subsidiaries of Suzhou Hycan Holdings Co.reached five-year agreements to supply plastic bottles toExxonMobillube blending plants in Taicang and Tianjin, China. ExxonMobil opened its first industrial lubricant image store in China last week. The store will showcase the company’s line of industrial lubricants, including hydraulic fluids, gear oils, circulating oils and metalworking fluids.