Chevron Completes Vietnam Expansion


Chevron Completes Vietnam Expansion

Chevron Lubricants Vietnamhas completed the expansion of its Hai Phong, Vietnam, blending plant, a $5 million project that more than doubles the facilitys previous capacity. The lubricants blender did not disclose the plants new capacity.

Chevrons expanded Hai Phong plant aims to keep pace with Vietnams continued economic development over the next decade. With a goal of aligning to increased demand, the plant enhancements included upgraded manufacturing capability for higher premium lubricants, an array of new storage tanks and warehouse upgrades with enhanced product integrity systems, the company stated in a press release late last month.

Photo courtesy of Chevron

The Hai Phong plant primarily serves the increasing domestic needs in Vietnam.

Rochna Kaul, general manager for Chevrons Asia-Pakistan lubricants, added, The plants expansion incorporates our global supply chain solutions that will also enable export opportunities.

Chevron Lubricants Vietnam, previously known as Caltex Vietnam, began operations twenty years ago, marketing a handful of commercial products either toll-blended locally or imported from Singapore. In 1999 the facility began operations with an initial production capacity of roughly 13,200 metric tons per year.

Upon opening, the facility manufactured products for motorcycles and scooters, but has since shifted to producing full and semi-synthetic engine oils with proprietary anti-wear technology.

Now, the Hai Phong plant blends a wide range of market-general to premium grade lubricants, which includes motorcycle oil including semi-synthetic grades, heavy duty engine oil and passenger car motor oil. We also blend marine and industrial grades, as well as [biobased] hydraulic oils, Kaul told Lube Report.

This [expansion] positions Chevron well to serve both the growing domestic needs in Vietnam over the next decade, and enables a strategic position to support export markets in the future, Kaul said.