Volume 5 Issue 10

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

Business has been slowly cranking up over the past week in most sectors, but there is not the same intensity as there was before the Chinese New Year.-by Adrian Brown

Wax Supply Growth Flat in Asia

Asias petroleum wax supply grew at a compound annual rate of 1 percent between 2010 and 2017, a trend which is expected to continue despite an overall decline in global supply, said consultancy Kline & Co. in a webinar.

Mixed 2017 Earnings for Singapore Blenders

United Global Ltd.s net profit for 2017 grew with its overseas expansion, while fellow Singaporean lubricant blender AP Oil International Ltd.s 2017 net profit was adversely affected by the slowdown in the marine lubricant sector.

Asian Lube Association Launched

A new industry association, the Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union, held the inaugural meeting of its general membership Tuesday.

Valvoline Invests in Thailand

Valvoline Inc. spent U.S. $16 million to acquire the remaining 30 percent share of its subsidiary in Thailand, making the Bangkok-based business a fully owned unit, the company announced late last month. The parent company aims to double Valvoline Thailands sales by 2020.

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Briefly Noted

PT Pertamina subsidiary Pertamina Lubricants opened its first representative office in Sydney, Australia, marking the companys entrance into the country. Caltex Australia Petroleum signed on as a sponsor of Road Freight NSW, offering trials of new high-grade lubricants to selected members of the organization, which represents trucking operators.