Asian Lube Association Launched


A new industry association, the Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union, held the inaugural meeting of its general membership Tuesday.

Officials said the group will work, among other things, to promote growth and innovation and to disseminate good practices and technical expertise for the industry.

Asia has grown to become the largest and most dynamic of markets for lubricants globally, much of this driven by manufacturing growth and the rapid advances in infrastructure and transport links, Steve Puckett, the organizations founding director, told Lube Report. Yet there remains significant disparities in quality standards and the level of uptake of advanced technology, which when shared will spur the progress of the fast-developing more far-flung parts of the region.

The ALMU will provide the platform for the sharing and advancement of knowledge for this development.

The associations first meeting was held in Macao during F+L Week, a fuels and lubricants conference and exhibition organized by F+L Asia, a trade magazine and newsletter publisher that helped spearhead formation of ALMU. F+L Editor-in-Chief and CEO Vicky Villena-Denton is co-director with Puckett, who is managing director of Singapore-based consulting firm Tri-Zen.

The association, which is also based in Singapore, currently has 18 members from 12 companies, all but one of which are headquartered in Asia or Oceania. The group said membership will primarily consist of companies from South, East and Southeast Asia as well as Oceania but that it will also accept affiliate members from outside the region.

ALMUs chairman is Ho Leng Woon, executive chairman of Singapore-based lube marketer AP Oil International. The group has two vice chairmen – Low Hee Teck of Shanghai base oil trader Feoso Energy and Gautam N. Mehra of Mumbai-based specialty oil manufacturer Savida Oil Technologies Ltd.

While Asia has a number of lubricant associations at the country and sub-country levels, it has not had a trade group to represent the broader region.

Officials said the groups goals include gaining recognition by Asian governments as the leading authority of the regions lubricant industry so that it may provide input on policies affecting the industry. It also wants to form relationships with other industry groups, such as the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers and UEIL (the Union of the European Lubricants Industry).

It also wants to provide a platform for companies to network and collaborate, help disseminate technical expertise and information about best practices, help to curb counterfeiting, provide input to technical bodies and promote awareness among industries that use lubricants.

The association charges annual membership fees of $1,500 for independent lubricant companies headquartered in Asia-Pacific or for companies in end-user industries, $2,500 for international oil majors or national oil companies doing business in the region and $3,000 for suppliers of materials or services used by the industry such as base stocks, chemical additives, packaging, testing equipment and consulting services.

The associations website is:

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