Volume 1 Issue 11

Lube Blending Declines Down Under

The number of lubricant blending plants in Australia continues to shrink. High expenses for imported raw materials, rising labor costs and advantages for production in Southeast Asia have all been blamed for the trend.

JASO Upgrades Diesel Oil Spec

An upgraded standard for diesel engine oils will be released in Japan next week, armed with a newly viable test for piston detergency. Later this year, the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization also hopes to upgrade the specifications test for valvetrain wear.

Pertamina Builds Lube Plants

Indonesias state energy company, Pertamina, announced last week it will build a lubricant blending plant and a grease plant in Jakarta. The blending plant will be the companys third and largest such facility.

Lukoil Accuses Former Distributor of Fraud

Lukoil claims that it is being openly defrauded by a former Chinese distributor falsely claiming that it is still an authorized dealer in China.

JV Supplies Lubes in Indonesia

Malaysian conglomerate UMW Group formed a joint venture to supply lubricants, automotive components and service center operations in Indonesia. UMWs manufacturing subsidiary will partner with Blue Bird Group, a leading Indonesian transportation company.


An article in the March 4 issue incorrectly stated the category of base oils that will be produced by a plant that Hyundai Oilbank and Shell are building in Daesan, South Korea. The plant is designed to make API Group II stocks.