Lukoil Accuses Former Distributor of Fraud


Lukoil claims that it is being openly defrauded by a former Chinese distributor falsely claiming that it is still an authorized dealer in China.

In a February press release, Lukoils lubricants arm, LLK International, accused Xiamen Sinolook Oil Co. Ltd. of continuing to market 4-liter canisters presented as LLKs Luxe 10W-40 branded engine oil even though LLK dissolved their relationship.

Xiamen Sinolook Oil Co. is not our contracted distributor in China, and we are not supplying this company with our products, LLK said. We are not responsible for any repercussions that might arise as result of dealing with this company.

An LLK spokesman told Lube Report Asia that LLK did designate Xiamen Sinolook as a distributor for a number of months last year but that LLK ended the relationship in October after the Chinese company failed to meet certain requirements.

A director at Shenzhen-based Xiamen Sinolook told Lube Report Asia Friday that the company is Lukoils only authorized dealer in China. LLK said Suifenhe Wanfengyuan Economic and Trade has been its only distributor in China since October.

According to LLK, Xiamen Sinolook tried to document its distributor status by posting a statement on its website,, about one of its representatives meeting LLK Commercial Director Alexey Strelchenko last month at the ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants conference in London. An accompanying photo shows two men standing together, apparently at a conference. This is not true, as no official meeting happened, LLKs spokesman said. It was only a short chat and saying hi to Mr. Strelchenko.

LLK said Xiamen Sinolook also announced it will attend the China Lubricants Market and Exhibition, being organized by CBI in Beijing in April, as LLKs official China dealer and agent.

Fangqing Wang in Shanghai contributed to this report.

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