Volume 5 Issue 35

Low-vis Grades to be Added to GF-6

North America’s automotive and lubricant industries are continuing their steady march to lower viscosity grades for gasoline-powered light-duty vehicles, undertaking this time to add 0W-12 and 0W-8. Lowering viscosity has been the lube industry’s main approach to increasing engine oil contributions to better fuel economy.

Container Recycling Pilot Program Launched

The National Lubricant Container Recycling Coalition, a group of major lubricant players and packaging manufacturers aiming to establish programs that recycle lubricant containers, announced its first pilot program.

U.S. Base Oil Production Down in June

Base oil production in the United States declined 8% in June, compared to the same month last year, according to data released by a government agency. For the first half of this year, production volume was up by 3%.

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Briefly Noted

Cross Oil Refining & Marketing Inc. and Process Oils Inc., an Ergon company, entered into an offtake and marketing agreement effective Aug. 23, through which Process Oils will serve as the exclusive marketer and seller of Cross Oil’s Corsol, L-Series, B-Series, CrossTrans and Ebonite naphthenic base oils produced from Martin Operating Partnership L.P.’s Smackover, Arkansas, refinery.