U.S. Base Oil Production Down in June


U.S. Base Oil Production Down in June

Base oil production in the United States declined 8% in June, compared to the same month last year, according to data released by a government agency. For the first half of this year, production volume was up by 3%.

The nation’s refiners made 5.2 million barrels of mineral base stocks in June, compared to 5.7 million barrels in June of 2021. Sequentially, the total in June was down 6% from 5.5 million barrels in May, though the June production volume was the second-highest monthly total this year.

Year-to-date production reached 30 million barrels, compared to 29.2 million barrels in the first six months of last year.

Paraffinic base oil production slipped 11% to 4.3 million barrels in June, the fourth consecutive month that production topped the 4 million barrels mark. Sequentially, June’s volume was down 7% from May.

Through the first six months of this year, paraffinic base oil production increased 3% to 25.3 million barrels, up from 24.6 million barrels.

Naphthenic base oil production rose 11% in June to 888,000 barrels. Sequentially, the June total was down 1% from 893,000 barrels. The June figure did represent the third straight month that naphthenic production topped the 822,000 barrels mark and was the second highest monthly total this year, behind May’s output.

Through the first half of 2022, naphthenic base oil production was up 3% at 4.7 million barrels.