Volume 5 Issue 34

GF-7 Process Formally Begins

Automakers and representatives of the lubricants industry have taken the first formal step toward developing the next gasoline engine oil specification for North America, setting a goal of bringing the standard to market in less than six years. The American Petroleum Institute’s Lubricants Standards Group and the Auto/Oil Advisory Panel agreed Tuesday to begin evaluating an auto industry request to begin developing the spec.

U.S. Base Oil Imports, Exports Fell in May

Base oil exports from the United States declined 9% in May, while base oil imports into the country fell 20%, although the import volume was the highest for a month since late last year. Exports to Mexico accounted for the highest export volume but dropped more than 40%.

Profits Rise at Vertex, Perimeter Solutions

Vertex Energy Inc. reported a 178% increase in gross profit and increased sales for its used motor oil collection and processing business, and Perimeter Solutions SA’s specialty products segment posted a 49% jump in profits and higher net sales for the second quarter.

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Briefly Noted

Peter Kim was appointed president of SK Lubricant Americas Inc., replacing Chris Song, who returned in June to SK’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.