Innov Expands VI Improver Capacity


Innov Oil announced completion of an expansion that more than doubles its capacity to produce the company’s X series of viscosity modifiers at its plant in Singapore.

The X series of olefin co-polymer was launched in 2020 and is available in bale and powder form. Initially the plant had capacity to make 3,000 metric tons per year of the variety, and the expansion increased that amount to 7,000 t/y.

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The company, which is based in Singapore, said it is experiencing growing demand for the chemicals – especially in bale form – as lubricant markets trend toward products that maintain viscosity over wide operating temperatures.

“We have seen steady growth on the amorphous X series range of bale-form polymers as the market transitions towards a higher quality multi-grade lubricant,” Innov Director of Business Development Marcus Arthur said in an Aug. 15 news release. “The increased plant capacity will allow Innov to support additional volumes from existing customers, shorten lead-times and develop further markets.”

Innov makes three categories of VI improvers. The P series is available in semi-crystalline pellets and in powder form, while the X series is available in amorphous bales and powder. S series products are available as pellets and powders.

The products offer different levels of shear stability index – a measure of a viscosity modifier’s ability to withstand mechanical breakdown under shear stress. Innov’s X series has several products offering SSIs ranging from 24 to 45. The P series has SSIs ranging from 15 to 47, while the S series ranges from 1 to 5.