Volume 5 Issue 21

Moove to Acquire PetroChoice

Cosan’s Moove made a splash this week with an almost half-billion-dollar acquisition for PetroChoice, the largest lubricants distributor in the United States, part of the company’s plan to accelerate its growth and expand as a global lubes player. PetroChoice distributes approximately 62 million gallons of lubricants annually in the industrial, commercial and passenger vehicle segments.

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DataMac Lube Offers Aftermarket Insight

Given current market fundamentals and the pressures facing the lubricants industry, making well informed decisions has arguably never been more important. That’s why more companies are relying on MacKay & Company’s DataMac Lube reports for analysis of the aftermarket – the replacement market for lubricants – to gain deeper insight into the sector.

Accounting for Sustainability

In past years, an increasing number of governments and corporations have announced net-zero emission ambitions to support the goals of the Paris Agreement and to limit the increase in average global temperature. These goals highlight the importance of how industry will account for the carbon content of the products it produces.

Plitt Wins IPAC Arbitration Case

An arbitrator last month issued a final award exonerating a former executive of International Petroleum Products & Additives Co. of violating terms of his employment after leaving the company in 2016. IPAC is based in Dublin, California, and markets lube additive packages for a range of industrial and automotive applications, along with individual additive components.

Profits, Sales up for Vertex, Perimeter

Vertex Energy Inc. reported large increases in gross profit and revenues for its used motor oil collection and processing business, while Perimeter Solutions SA’s oil additives business – which produces and sells phosphorus pentasulfide that is primarily used in the preparation of lubricant additives – reported higher earnings and sales for the quarter ended March 31.

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Briefly Noted

Greg Schwartz became the new president for Axel Americas and Axel Royal on May 23, lubricating grease manufacturer and supplier Axel announced. Schwartz succeeded Tom Schroeder, who served as president for 10 years and who will remain with Axel as senior vice president, commercial, with responsibility for sales and marketing.  IMCD Group, distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients, launched on May 20 its newly enhanced IMCD Lubricants and Energy Laboratory in Greater Houston, Texas, serving customers throughout North America. The expansion features new testing equipment for industrial and automotive lubricant applications and metalworking fluids.