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DataMac Lube Offers Aftermarket Insight


DataMac Lube Offers Aftermarket Insight
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Given current market fundamentals and the pressures facing the lubricants industry, making well informed decisions has arguably never been more important.

All too often, businesses pursue strategies and launch products without a clear understanding of the latest trends, opportunities, or potential obstacles. That’s why more companies are relying on MacKay & Company’s DataMac Lube reports for analysis of the aftermarket – the replacement market for lubricants – to gain deeper insight into the sector.

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The Illinois-based market research consulting firm specializes in profiling this increasingly important segment, providing all the necessary information via regularly updated reports and a comprehensive online application.

Having originally started as a single client study in the mid-1990s, it has evolved and grown into a trusted resource for lubricant companies and vehicle, equipment, and component manufacturers.

For over 20 years, DataMac Lube has been a highly valued tool that sizes and profiles the aftermarket for lubricants in on-highway and off-highway vehicles, enabling companies to formulate the right strategies, enhance their prospects, and better understand market share and size.

Primarily focused on North America, the studies cover four key markets: construction equipment, agriculture equipment, light duty trucks, and medium- and heavy duty trucks.

MacKay gathers its data directly from the decision makers and end users to create a detailed snapshot of the market.

For each report, its team sends out thousands of surveys to those actually maintaining the equipment and using the products. Their responses help identify valuable information such as how lubricants are used, the change intervals, where they source their product, and the brands they favor.

The research assesses multiple lubricant types including engine oils, coolant, diesel exhaust fluid, diesel fuel additives, gear oil, hydraulic fluid, oil additives, and transmission fluid.

Subscribers also have access to a growing online application where they can dissect the information and carry out their own analysis. Its intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard allows users to break the data down based on attributes ranging from lubricant type, vehicle, and vocation to industry and region.

By reaching out to those who make the purchasing decisions and perform the vehicle servicing, MacKay & Company offers a unique perspective of the market and provides key information its subscribers can leverage to make better business decisions.

It currently publishes four reports, each of which is updated annually:

  • DataMac Lube – CE: covering heavy and light earthmoving equipment and off-highway construction equipment.
  • DataMac Lube – Ag: Two-wheel and four-wheel tractors, as well as other self-propelled farm equipment.
  • DataMac Lube – Class 6 – 8: On-highway medium and heavy-duty trucks and school buses.
  • DataMac Lube – Class 2c – 5: On-highway light duty commercial vehicles.

Accessing detailed analysis and understanding the latest trends is vital in today’s lubricants market. DataMac Lube creates a detailed map of the aftermarket and offers real technical and strategic value to product managers and business development teams. MacKay & Company offers similar services for parts and tires.

To find out more about DataMac Lube and our range of reports, visit or reach us by email at

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