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March 28, 2018

Volume 1 Issue 13

Wear Test Gets Vote Despite Debate

The Sequence IVB engine test, the final test for the much-delayed ILSAC GF-6 engine oil category, cleared a major hurdle this month when the Passenger Car Engine Oil Panel recommended it be adopted as an ASTM procedure.

Axel Acquires Royal Manufacturing

Axel Christiernsson announced Monday its acquisition of Royal Manufacturing, a deal that will triple Axels grease production capacity in the United States.

Strong Finish for U.S. Base Oils

Base oil producers in the United States pumped out 64.9 million barrels of base oils in 2017, making it the second-best production year in a decade. This represents 4.3 million more barrels than the 2016 total of 60.6 million barrels, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration data released at the end of February.

ExxonMobil to Raise Finished Lube Prices

ExxonMobil notified customers of a general price increase up to 10 percent effective April 23 on its branded and unbranded passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, industrial, marine and aviation lubricants and greases. Different price treatment may apply to selected products.

Base Oil Reports

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U.S. Base Oil Price Report

Certain segments of the U.S. base oils market seem tighter than others, propping up prices and restricting trade, while other sectors seem to be moving at a slower pace than expected for this time of the year.-by Gabriela Wheeler
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