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LSPI Concerns Center on Age of Oil

ILSAC GF-6 is on its home stretch to commercial introduction on May 1, but automakers and the lubricant industry are questioning whether additional work is needed to help prevent low-speed pre-ignition.

Worries Raised Over Heavy-duty Engine Tests

The next heavy-duty engine oil category in North America is not expected for seven years, and industry insiders worry that test hardware for existing categories will run out before then. This includes the latest API CK-4 and FA-4 diesel engine oil standards as well as the maintenance of older licensable categories, as discussed at ASTM meetings early last month in New Orleans.

GM Releases Dexos1 Gen 3 Details

After previously saying it would release Dexos1 Gen 3 in January and begin commercial licensing during the second quarter, General Motors is considering revising the schedule to push back at least some of the timing. The company plans to announce its decision soon.

Optimizing Specification Development

A proposed new engine oil specification development process would disconnect engine test development from the specification development itself, with the goal of reducing delays related to new test development and to better prepare for future needs. The Lubricants Specification Development Review Group will seek approval from stakeholders by the end of this year.

Sequence IVB Rules Approved

The API Lubricants Group closed the last key Base Oil Interchange/Viscosity Grade Read-Across task force ballots and indicated full approval on June 10 for rules for the Sequence IVB low-temperature valvetrain wear test.

API Unveils New Logo for SAE 0W-16

The North American auto industry now has a formal schedule for commercial introduction of the next passenger car motor oil standards and a new certification mark - a shield - for low viscosity SAE 0W-16 products.

COAT Engine Test Back in Business

The American Petroleum Institute announced on May 15 that the Caterpillar Oil Aeration Test, or COAT, was again available for candidate oil testing and that it was ending provisional licensing associated with that test 12 months after it was invoked.

GF-6: First Use Now in Sight

It has taken over seven years, many test development delays and missed schedules, but the end is finally in sight for ILSAC GF-6.

Agreements Near for GF-6

Automakers and the lubricant industry are closer to wrapping up the long-delayed ILSAC GF-6 passenger car motor oil category after the International Lubricant Standardization and Advisory Committee issued a Jan. 31 response to a plan proposed by the American Chemistry Council last month.

ACC Offers GF-6 Timeline, Relaxed Limits

An American Chemistry Council committee proposed a plan last week for the ILSAC GF-6 passenger car engine oil category to be completed and brought to market by the second quarter of 2020, which has been a stated goal of North American car suppliers, but the proposal entailed setting limits for several tests at levels that would be less stringent than automakers have asked.

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