Indonesias Four-Wheeler Lube Demand Surges

Lube Report Asia - July 12, 2019

Indonesias annual automotive lubricant demand reached about 360,000 metric tons in 2018, with the nations four-wheeler l ...


Most Diesel Oils in Asia Behind the Times

Lube Report Asia - July 5, 2019

Diesel engine oils of obsolete API CF-4 service category and below still dominate Asias major commercial vehicle markets ...

Vehicle Sales Growth Forecast in ASEAN

Vehicle Sales Growth Forecast in ASEAN

Lube Report Asia - June 28, 2019

Vehicle sales across Southeast Asias big three markets - Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand - are projected to cross 3.9 m ...

Grease Output Up in Asia, Down in China

Grease Output Up in Asia, Down in China

Lube Report Asia - June 14, 2019

Lubricating grease production in China appears to have continued its decline in 2018, according to the National Lubricat ...

Pertamina Aids Lube Distributors with Financing

Pertamina Aids Lube Distributors with Financing

Lube Report Asia - June 7, 2019

Pertamina Lubricants and Bank Rakyat Indonesia signed a cooperation agreement recently intended to provide financing to ...


Association Contests Indonesian Standard

Lube Report Asia - March 22, 2019

The Association of Indonesian Lubricants Distributors, Importers and Producers (Perdippi) is taking legal actions to try ...


AKR Establishes Lubricant Subsidiary

Lube Report Asia - February 15, 2019

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk., an Indonesian supplier of petroleum products and chemicals, established a subsidiary last week t ...


Upgrade of Cilacap Refinery Delayed

Lube Report Asia - January 11, 2019

An upgrade of Indonesias base-oil-producing Cilacap refinery has been delayed due to ongoing negotiations for the format ...


Blenders Adjust to Indonesias B20 Mandate

Lube Report Asia - November 30, 2018

Indonesias mandatory use of B20 biodiesel fuel may lead to an increase in biodiesel fuel vehicles in Southeast Asia, enc ...


Indonesia Announces Lube Standard

Lube Report Asia - October 5, 2018

Lubricants sold in Indonesia will be required to comply with a new national standard beginning Sept. 11, 2019, according ...


Afton Completes Singapore Expansion

Lube Report Asia - September 21, 2018

Afton Chemical Corp. said Wednesday that it has completed an expansion of its lubricant additive plant in Singapore and ...


Southeast Asia Shifts to Better Engine Oils

Lube Report Asia - July 6, 2018

Automotive engine oil demand in Southeast Asia is gradually shifting from obsolete grades to higher quality products, a ...


FKT Earnings Stay Stable

Lube Report Asia - April 6, 2018

Net income for PT Federal Karyatamas lubricants segment remained stable year on year in 2017, but its sales volumes drop ...


Pertamina Truck Treads New Ground

Lube Report Asia - January 12, 2018

Bucking the trend of on-demand, on-location mobile oil change services commonly offered in Indonesia, Pertamina Lubrican ...


Blenders Counter Counterfeiters

Lube Report Asia - October 24, 2017

As fake products continue to plague Asian markets, Pertamina Lubricants has stepped up its efforts to fight back with le ...


Pertamina Accelerates International Push

Lube Report Asia - October 17, 2017

Indonesias state-owned PT Pertamina Lubricants began using Thailand as a launching point for expansion in China and Indo ...


Indonesian Marketers Diversify Retail Platforms

Lube Report Asia - August 22, 2017

The route to market for lubricants in Indonesia can be vastly different from one seller to the next. Some suppliers told ...


East Asian Players Talk New Grease Biz

Lube Report Asia - August 15, 2017

Indonesias national oil company, PT Pertamina Lubricants, signed an agreement recently to explore the possibilities of e ...