Southeast Asia Vehicle Sales Down in 2020


Southeast Asia Vehicle Sales Down in 2020
A row of cars on display at a dealer showroom in Wonosobo, in Central Java, Indonesia. Automotive sales in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries declined 29% in 2020, according to Asean Automotive Federation data. © Ludhita Dwi A /

Southeast Asia sales of four-wheel automobiles dropped nearly 30% in 2020, and motorcycle and scooter sales fell by almost 20%, according to Asean Automotive Federation data. This reflected the COVID-19’s economic impacts, especially in the second quarter, when monthly sales were off by between 39% and 81%.

The 2020 total – including passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles – declined to 2.5 million sales in 2020, down 29% from 3.5 million in 2019.

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According to the federation’s monthly data for last year, four-wheeler sales in members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations were hit hardest in April and May, compared to year-earlier results. In April, sales were off by 81% at just over 52,000, while May’s dropped 69% to 93,810. Monthly sales decreases during July-September were in the 14% to 33% range, with sales ranging from 196,000 to 243,000 range. Sales gradually increased later last year, and by December, sales for that month were up from a year earlier for the first time, rising 1% to 311,713.

The steepest declines in total sales for 2020 were Indonesia’s 48% drop to 532,027 sales, the Philippines’ 40% fall to 223,793, Singapore’s 38% slide to 46,986. The smallest declines in the larger Asean member nations occurred in Vietnam, down 8% at 296,634 sales; Malaysia, which declined 14% to 522,573 sales; and Thailand, which declined 21% to 792,146. Myanmar was down 19% at 17,707.

The federation tracks motorcycle and scooters sales in four Asean member countries: Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Among those four, such sales were down 19% at 3.2 million in 2020. The steepest declines occurred in Singapore, down 46% at 10,544, and the Philippines, declining 29% to 1.2 million. Thailand’s motorcycles and scooter sales decreased 12% to 1.5 million, and Malaysia’s fell 9% to 498,327.

The group’s motor vehicle production data covers six member nations: Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Total production among those countries dropped 32% to 2.8 million vehicles in 2020.

Among the largest vehicle manufacturing countries, Indonesia’s motor vehicle production declined 46% to 690,150, Thailand’s decreased 29% to 1.4 million, Malaysia’s declined 15% to 485,186 and Vietnam’s edged down 6% to 165,568.

The federation tracks motorcycle and scooter production in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The total production among those three countries declined 25% to 2.7 million in 2020. The steepest decline occurred in the Philippines, down 46% at 631,370. Thailand’s production slid 17% to 1.6 million and Malaysia’s fell 11% to 494,490.

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