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SK Files For IPO

Lube Report Asia - May 19, 2015

SK Lubricants filed documents last week seeking eligibility to conduct an initial public stock offering.


MJLs 2014 Sales Up, SKs Down in 1Q

Lube Report Asia - May 5, 2015

Bangladeshs MJL Ltd. reported a 10 percent increase in revenue and a 19 percent increase in profit for its lubricants op ...


S-Oil Sees Higher Earnings

Lube Report Asia - April 28, 2015

S-Oil saw first quarter base oil revenue drop compared to the same period a year ago because of a slide in prices, but i ...


Games Oil Marketers Play

Lube Report Asia - April 14, 2015

Lube marketer Motul signed an agreement last month to promote its brand through an online racing video game now under de ...


China-Korea Pact Removes Duty Slowly

Lube Report Asia - March 24, 2015

South Korea and China recently announced that their forthcoming free-trade pact will take 15 years to eliminate Chinese ...


SK and Gulf Both Report Gains

Lube Report Asia - February 10, 2015

South Koreas SK Lubricants revenue rose marginally in 2014, but its operating profit shot up dramatically from 2013. Ind ...


S-Oil Ups Profit in 2014

Lube Report Asia - February 3, 2015

S-Oils base oil business posted operating income of 258 billion won (U.S. $234 million) for 2014, a 66 percent surge fro ...


Hanjin Sells S-Oil Stake

Lube Report Asia - January 27, 2015

Hanjin Energy last week wrapped up the sale of its 28.4 percent stake in S-Oil Corp. to Saudi Aramco for 1.98 trillion w ...


Demand Growth Forecast for South Korea

Lube Report Asia - December 16, 2014

Lubricant demand in South Korea is forecast to increase 1.2 percent in 2015, the Korea Lubricating Oil Industries Associ ...


Trade Pact to Boost Korean Base Oil Exports to China

Lube Report Asia - November 18, 2014

A looming free-trade agreement could boost South Korean base oil exports to China, according to industry analysts. South ...


K-REACH Targets 518 Chemicals

Lube Report Asia - November 11, 2014

A draft list of substances that will require registration under South Koreas looming new chemical safety regulation incl ...


Profits Up for Castrol India, SK

Lube Report Asia - November 4, 2014

The third quarter brought improved performance for Castrol India and SK Lubricants. Castrols net profit for the three mo ...


Koreans Push Engine Oils

Lube Report Asia - September 30, 2014

South Koreas refiners are working to strengthen their lubricant retail networks using a variety of strategies, from a ne ...


North Korean Plant Finds Spotlight

Lube Report Asia - August 26, 2014

North Korean leader Kim Jonguns recent highly publicized visit to a blending plant brought rare attention to the nations ...


REACH-like Regs Loom for South Korea

Lube Report Asia - August 5, 2014

South Korea is moving toward implementation of a major chemicals law modeled after the European Unions REACH regulation.


Earnings Up for S-Oil, SK

Lube Report Asia - July 29, 2014

The base oil and lubricant businesses of S-Oil and SK both reported significant improvements in their second quarter fin ...


Aramco Ups S-Oil Stake

Lube Report Asia - July 8, 2014

Saudi Aramco said last week that it agreed to purchase Hanjin Groups 28 percent stake in S-Oil Corp.


Lube Stocks Regain Shine in South Korea

Lube Report Asia - May 27, 2014

Operating performances of South Korean lubricant businesses have improved lately, helping them regain their luster in st ...