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Shape the Lubricants Industry’s Future


Shape the Lubricants Industry’s Future
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Participate in ABN Resource’s 2024 Lubricants Talent Survey 

The lifeblood of any successful company is its people. Even amidst advances in artificial intelligence and other useful technologies, companies rely heavily on their qualified employees to make their businesses a success.

Just as technology is in a constant state of flux, so is the workforce. It is vital for companies to understand the current employment landscape in order to attract and retain their talented personnel.  

To help the lubricants industry do just that, ABN Resource, a leading lubricants executive search company, has launched its highly anticipated 2024 Lubricants Talent Survey, and your participation is crucial. This is your opportunity to impact the industry’s future and drive positive change. 

Previous talent surveys have influenced corporate strategies, career decisions as well as key personnel practices across the sector. However, there is still a significant knowledge gap in critical areas such as gender representation, employee satisfaction, compensation trends and effective talent retention strategies. 

Why Should You Participate? 

With the correct data, the report will help you, your staff and your company as a whole to use qualified research to make better-informed personnel decisions. 

Specific information on the topic remains elusive. Most people have their hunches, of course. But we want to discover if the industry’s common myths and assumptions hold up against empirical data. Hard data about gender, age, employee satisfaction, competitive remuneration, and effective talent retention and attraction methods are lacking.  

People have opinions on these matters, and the talent survey is your way to express these views and get the answers the sector needs, so it can improve on key personnel matters.  

Information scarcity is currently creating a lack of understanding that can hinder both personal career development and organizational growth. By participating in the 2024 Lubricants Talent Survey, you can contribute to a report that illuminates these and other critical areas, enabling you to be better informed and to make better decisions. 

The Objective 

This year, our focus extends to gathering insights in the following categories: 

  • Market Sentiment and Economic Outlook: How do professionals within the industry perceive current and future market conditions? 
  • Demographic and Skill Profiles: Who makes up the lubricants workforce today, and what changes have we observed over time? 
  • Gender Representation: Does one gender really dominate the lubricants industry? Are we progressing toward a more balanced workforce? 
  • Retirement Readiness: Are a significant portion of industry personnel nearing retirement? What knowledge gaps are on the horizon, and how should you plan for future workforce needs? 
  • Salary and Compensation Trends: How does your salary compare to others in similar positions? 

The quality as well as an increased volume of responses will enable ABN Resource to compile and share a detailed report with you on these key topics and more.  

Moreover, a more robust survey will empower you with knowledge about your position in relation to your industry peers, sparking meaningful conversation about your company personnel plans and even your personal career trajectory. 

Confidentiality Assured, Impact Guaranteed 

The 2024 Lubricants Talent Survey is your opportunity to shape industry thinking on personnel improvements and highlight what works and what doesn’t. Your input can have a positive impact on job satisfaction as well as company and career performance.  

We encourage all industry professionals to take part. Your personal data is kept confidential and no identities in the survey are revealed in the report findings.  

What’s more, we recognize that your time is valuable, and as a token of our appreciation for your participation, five randomly chosen survey respondents will be selected to nominate a charity of their choice to which ABN Resource will donate.  

Together, we can foster an environment of transparency and growth. Let’s make the 2024 Lubricants Talent Report the most impactful yet!  

Visit to participate today, and together we can build a better tomorrow for the lubricants industry.

ABN Resource is a global executive recruitment consultancy to the downstream oil industry specialized in retained search across the lubricants, base oils and additives markets. With a dedicated team of industry experts and an extensive network of top talent, ABN Resource provides tailored recruitment solutions that drive business success and support career advancement. For more information, visit

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