Podcast 11: Managing Trends and Circumstances


Podcast 11: Managing Trends and Circumstances

If the past is a foreign country, the future is another planet. While no one can see that future planet from here, there are tools to help plan for how it’s likely to look. In this podcast, the discussion weighs up the ability to manage trends and unforeseen circumstances.

The previous edition was about unlocking value and new opportunities in the face of things like electrification. The third podcast about mega-trends broadens again to encompass artificial intelligence, strategic planning and leadership, especially in these turbulent times.

Underlying Colin Morton and Trevor Gauntlett’s wide-ranging conversation is managing change – in the industry, workforce, products and society at large. “You can have a great strategy, but sometimes circumstances overtake that. You just have to be agile enough, bold enough and even brave enough to do a complete about turn or to adapt urgently to current times as things happen,” said Colin.

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