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Automatic Lubrication

Weir Minerals’ Accumin Lubricators for mining equipment are designed to prevent bearing failures, reduce maintenance downtime and increase safety by decreasing the amount of manual maintenance, the company claims. The lubricators are produced in 125 cubic centimeter gas-driven configurations as well as 120cm3, 250cm3 and 500cm3 electromechanically-driven configurations. They can be installed up to five meters away from the lubrication point, allowing easy access to the mount while dispensing a consistent dose of lubricant, regardless of ambient temperature. The system can be easily monitored with an LCD display, a flashing LED alert system and a transparent grease cartridge. Web:

Testing Tools

Koehler Instrument Co. has two new machines on the market. The K192X1 Water Washout Tester features integrated digital temperature control at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 175 F, a digital timer, compact design and a large viewing window that enables the user to see the test being performed. The company is also marketing the updated Omnitek S-flow IV+ Automatic Houillon Viscosity System, which can test a wide range of lubricant viscosities. The bench-top system can run tests simultaneously at two different temperatures and has a high throughput of up to 80 samples per hour. Web: www.

Engine Oils for GF-6

Champion Brands launched updated versions of its SynClean and SynGold motor oils. In accordance with the new API SP and ILSAC GF-6 specifications, the reformulated oils feature improved resistance to low-speed pre-ignition, reduced wear and stretching of timing chains, better oxidation resistance, and improved sludge and varnish resistance. The company claims that both oils exceed the API SP specification. SAE 0W-20, 5W-20, 0W-30 and 5W-30 grades also exceed the requirements of the “resource conserving” designation and ILSAC GF-6A. Web:

Buy Chemicals Online

BASF Fuel and Lubricant Solutions, in cooperation with technology company Agilis, has launched a new digital sales platform for its Oppanol polyisobutene product line. The platform allows customers located in the United States to place orders, track the status of those orders and make secure payments online. The portal also offers several features that make the chemical buying process easier and more efficient, such as two-click reordering. The company says the new chemical purchasing tool will also make transactions more transparent for customers. Web:

Better Base Oil

Nynas has launched Nynas BT 22, a new 22 centistoke naphthenic base oil with an optimized viscosity index for maximum cooling and to facilitate blending with other base oils. It has better low-temperature performance compared to products of similar viscosity, the company claims. It can also be blended with other types of base oils to increase or reduce viscosity and improve the solvency of the blends. The oil can be used in metalworking fluid formulations such as emulsion coolants, and it performs well in industrial lubricant applications including hydraulic fluids and greases. Web:

Digital Maintenance Platform

Shell Oil Products US has debuted its Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub, a digital platform that grants users access to all of their fleet maintenance data as well as a network of discounted maintenance providers. The platform also allows users to schedule service, approve or decline work, pay for maintenance and create user permissions to streamline the fleet management process. The hub offers customers up to 26 percent off standard retail pricing when they book services through the platform. By providing users with a view of dynamic pricing metrics and cost per mile for each vehicle or the fleet as a whole, coupled with maintenance alert notifications, the platform can also help managers more accurately forecast their annual budget, Shell says. Web:

API Motor Oil Guide

The American Petroleum Institute has published its updated Engine Oil Licensing & Certification System Motor Oil Guide. The latest version provides a quick reference to the newest gasoline and diesel motor oil specifications and service categories, certification marks and service symbols, including API SP and ILSAC GF-6. It also lists now-obsolete gasoline and diesel engine oil categories and distinguishes how old categories differ from new ones. The guide is useful in helping consumers more easily choose the correct licensed engine oil for their vehicle or fleet, the organization says. Web:

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