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Citgo Petroleum Corp. has developed the Mystik GoBox for the agricultural sector. The packaging system uses biodegradable boxes and offers a rack design that allows farmers to organize their lubricants and storage spaces more efficiently. It is compatible with six Mystik lubricant products: Mystik JT-8 SHD SAE 15W-40 and SAE 15W-50, Mystik JT-5 Tractor Trans Hydraulic Fluid, and Mystik JT-9 LeakShield AW Hydraulic Fluids 32, 46 and 68. GoBox produces less landfill waste than bottles and pails and comes in a fully recyclable carton, the company says. Web:

Cooling Lubes

Aquatec 7655 from Oelheld is a water-soluble cooling fluid designed for use in high-pressure metalworking applications and the processing of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It meets the requirements of the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, produces low levels of emissions and has good long-term stability, Oelheld claims. It also produces high surface quality on workpieces and has high emulsion stability, low foaming, low odor and contributes to longer tooling life. Aquatec 7655 contains no heavy metals or organochlorine compounds. Web:

Cutting Cars

Fuchs Lubricants has expanded its Ecocool line of water-miscible cooling lubricants with the addition of Ecocool Global 20, a cutting and grinding fluid for automotive component manufacturing. The fluid is particularly effective when used on steel and aluminum but is safe to use on most metals. The company claims that the fluid enables reductions in tooling costs, extended tool life and increased cutting speed. The fluid also provides a safer working environment, as it is low-foaming, nearly odorless and non-irritating to human skin. The cutting fluid is available globally. Web:

Hydraulic Efficiency

Shell has launched Tellus S4 VE, a gas-to-liquid based hydraulic fluid that the company claims delivers a 6 percent hydraulic productivity improvement over mineral oil formulations and can reduce energy losses from hydraulic pumps by up to 21 percent. The fluid has a viscosity index of 160 and offers extended oil life, good wear protection, sludge control and the ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures. Tellus S4 VE meets the requirements of several industry specifications, including ASTM 6158-05, DIN 51524 and ISO 11158. Web:

Reformulated ATF

Malaysian automaker Perodua has reformulated its automatic transmission fluid ATF D3-SP. The new fluid is compatible with Perodua automobiles from model years 2013 and newer. The company claims that the fluid delivers superior clutch performance with anti-shudder components as well as high power transfer and enhanced fuel economy. The ATF is available throughout Malaysia at authorized service centers and select retailers. Web:

Lube Management System

ExxonMobil launched Mobil Serv Lubrication Management, a digital maintenance management platform that helps industrial equipment operators more efficiently organize and automate maintenance-related activities, such as predictive maintenance, lubrication planning, performance tracking, and safety and compliance reporting. Designed with Redlist’s mobile cloud-based app, Mobil Serv combines multiple work and data streams into a single system, providing operators with improved collaboration and productivity and more control over their data and assets, the company claims. The platform is also able to be integrated into existing computerized maintenance management and enterprise resource planning systems. Web:

Greater Grinding Control

Finland-based Outotec introduced its Outotec Mill Control System, which provides control functions for safe operation of grinding mills and their lubrication systems. The system continuously monitors the mill’s condition and comes with remote support to ensure maximum operating time. The company claims that the system proactively detects anomalies and uses diagnostic data from IO-Link networked instruments to monitor instrument health and diagnose installation problems before they cause downtime. The system meets all relevant EU safety directives as well as other international safety standards. Web:

Under Pressure

Mayfree 2033 is Dover Chemical Corp.’s newest phosphorus-containing extreme pressure additive for metalworking fluids. The additive possesses almost no odor, is light in color and has a low viscosity designed for easy handling. With a higher viscosity index than most phosphorus-containing additives, it can create a thicker film at elevated temperatures, the company claims. When incorporated into coolants, the additive provides excellent antiwear and EP properties as well as corrosion inhibition and enhanced emulsion stability. It is soluble and stable in Groups I, II, III and IV base oils and has excellent cold temperature properties. Web:

Japanese Engine Oils

Japan’s Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co. announced the launch of the Cosmo Fillio series of automotive gasoline engine oils. The line includes oils that the company says will meet API SP requirements in viscosity grades SAE 0W-16, SAE 0W-20, SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30, as well as Cosmo Fillio API SN SAE 5W-40. The fully synthetic oils can be purchased in 20-liter pails and 200-liter drums and will be available throughout Japan starting in May. Web:

Protect Your Packages

Cortec Corp. announced that its Cor-Pak 1-Mul Pouches are now available in 8-Mul packages. Cor-Pak 8-Mul Pouches offer protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals packaged or stored in up to 8 cubic feet of enclosed space. The 8-Mul is easy to insert manually or automatically into cardboard, plastic, metal or wood containers and works by emitting vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors that condense on all metal surfaces within the package. The pouches can be used to provide corrosion protection of parts in antistatic packages. Web:

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