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Automatic Lube Controller

Graco Inc., a manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, developed the GLC X automatic lubrication controller and accompanying mobile app. The company says GLC X collects information that allows operators and technicians to make quick and informed decisions that can increase productivity. The controller is equipped with Bluetooth and works alongside the companys Auto Lube app to monitor a range of lubrication metrics, including levels, pressure and configurations, and can operate in varied environments, from industrial plants to heavy-duty construction sites. It is compatible with most automatic lubrication systems. Web:

Stationary Gas Engine Oil

Petro-Canada Lubricants Sentron SP 40 stationary gas engine oil is formulated with 0.75 percent sulfated ash and is designed for use in four-stroke stationary gas engines operating with steel pistons. According to the company, the oils thermal and oxidative stability prevents deposits in the top ring grooves of steel piston engines to reduce wear and increase engine durability, while its alkalinity retention extends drain intervals. The oil is also formulated to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Web:

Synthetic ATV Fluid

Amsoil introduced its new Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid for transmissions, differentials and front drives in Polaris all-terrain vehicles and utility task vehicles. The company says its fluid is formulated with 100 percent synthetic base oils that resist viscosity loss due to mechanical shear and form a lubricating film that can resist extreme pressure and heat. It also reduces clutch chatter and has good oxidation resistance, which prevents deposit formation and allows the engine to run cooler. The fluid will not void the vehicles warranty if used, the company said. Web:

Analyze Automatically

Koehler Instrument Co.s new K7700X Auto­matic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer is designed to measure cloud point and pour point using ASTM D5771 and ASTM D5950 test methods, respectively. The tester consists of built-in software that includes pre-programmed standard test methods, real-time graphs of temperature versus time for sample and bath, and user-defined test programs. It also boasts an industrial touch-screen user interface, automatic calibration and wireless pour and cloud point heads. Web:

Agriculture Only

Viscosity Oil Co. has launched a new range of products for use in agriculture equipment. The range will be sold directly to farmers under the Viscosity brand and features formulations for all agricultural equipment brands in all conditions, including engine oils, hydraulic transmission fluids, gear oils and greases. Formulated from mineral and synthetic base oils, the range is designed to extend equipment life and minimize downtime, the company claims. The products are available in select equipment dealerships across the United States and Canada. Web:

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