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Fast Track to Racing Oils

Driven Racing Oil has formulated its new GP-1 High-Performance Synthetic Blend racing engine oil from American Refining Groups base oil along with synthetic components and additives. The high-zinc oil is intended to deliver increased horsepower with more than 30 percent better wear protection, the company boasts. GP-1 provides engine protection and lubricating film strength that is well suited for competition, classic or imported vehicles. Web:

Drum and Done

Flexicon has released a new Tip-tite Drum Dumping System that automatically conditions fiberboard drums containing bulk solid material. The system is designed for low- to high-volume handling of drums filled with materials that have solidified or clumped during storage or shipment. The system also eliminates much of the dust, spillage, labor cost and potential injury associated with manual drum handling, the company says. It can accommodate fiberboard drums of all popular sizes weighing up to 750 pounds and is available in high-lift configurations for dumping into elevated receiving equipment. Web:

Easy Application Grease Packaging

Zeller+Gmelin is extending its portfolio of 500-gram screwable grease cartridges with additional products. The greases being added to the companys lineup include Divinol Lithogrease 2 B, a high-temperature grease designed for long-term lubrication of hubs in commercial vehicles, and Divinol GreaseTop 2003, a semi-synthetic, water-resistant calcium soap grease. The company stated that the cartridges, which can be opened by unscrewing the lid, allow for easy handling in diverse areas of application. Web:

Indian Oil for Gas and Diesel

Indian Oil Corp. recently launched two new engine oils, Servo SuperMile Plus and Servo SuperMile. SuperMile Plus is a multi-fuel synthetic engine oil designed for new-generation gasoline and diesel cars, sport-utility vehicles, multi-utility vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles. It offers up to 2 percent fuel economy improvement, the company states. Servo SuperMile is a diesel engine oil suited for all diesel SUVs, MUVs and MPVs. Both of the oils are available in one-, five- and seven-liter packages. Web:

Pakistani Genuine Oil

Pakistani car manufacturer Pak Suzuki launched a new OEM branded oil in collaboration with Japanese oil company Idemitsu Kosan. The newSuzuki Genuine Oil SN 0W20 was designed for use in Suzuki gasoline engines. The oil, which is not licensed by the American Petroleum Institute, is manufactured in Pakistan by Total. According to Idemitsu, the oil responds rapidly to engine acceleration, enhances fuel economy and reduces emissions. Web:

Grease Be Gone

Clean up with Gunk Degreasing Wipes. The industrial-strength wipes are designed to remove unwanted grease and oil on everything from engine bays to vehicle trim and windows. They come in 8- by 12-inch sheets and are double-sided, with a scrubbing side for stubborn grease and a smooth side for smaller jobs. Saturated with a low-VOC degreasing solution, the wipes offer a viable cleaning option when rinsing is not possible. The wipes contain no isopropyl alcohol, are safe for contact with skin and are packaged in a moisture-sealed container. They are sold in 30- and 75-count packs and are currently available throughout the United States. Web:

ExMo Penetrates Mining Lubes

ExxonMobils new Mobil SHC Elite Synthetic Lubricant can be used to protect mining equipment that often must operate at extreme hot and cold temperatures. The lube can also help protect equipment operating at temperatures up to 150 C in intermittent service, making it suited for use in a range of mining equipment, such as in the gears and bearings of excavators, haul trucks, augers and conveyors, the company stated. The product can extend oil drain intervals while increasing energy efficiency by as much as 3.6 percent when compared to conventional mineral oils. Web:

Electrical Contact Grease

Nye Lubricants rolled out its new Rheotemp 769G, a dielectric grease for electrical connectors and electronic circuits. The medium-viscosity, synthetic, polyurea grease includes PTFE for the lubrication and protection of electrical contacts. It has a wide service temperature range of minus 40 to 175 C and good water washout resistance, the company claims. The product also helps protect electrical connectors from moisture, vibrations and other corrosive environmental conditions that could accelerate the failure of electrical components. Web:

ASTM Test Compatible

Cannon Instrument Company announced that its TESC-2983 can now be used for the new automated Procedure D in ASTM 2983, Standard Test Method for Low-Temperature Viscosity of Automatic Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids and Lubricants using a Rotational Viscometer. The TESC-2983 is a fully integrated, thermoelectrically heated and cooled sample conditioner and rotational viscometer system. It offers improved precision with Procedure D over manual D2983 procedures, the company stated. The equipment has pre-programmed test protocols for common lubricants and measures and records viscosity at multiple speeds. Web: www.cannon

Sustainability Aid

Greifs Green Tool is a flexible calculator that uses independent lifecycle data for Greif industrial packaging products to help customers make informed decisions about which packaging best suits their merchandise and to achieve their sustainability goals. Recent updates to the tool include enhanced analysis and improved classification of Greifs products and processes, as well as more accurate and detailed analysis of environmental impacts at individual Greif facilities. The Green Tool allows customers to review and compare the environmental impact of plastic drums, steel drums, IBCs, fiber drums and big bags specifically related to their businesses. Web:

White Mineral Oils

Duoprime white mineral oils, which can be used to make food-grade lubricants and for plastic extrusion, among other applications, are now available in the United States. Lub-line MKT LLC began marketing all production on July 1, in addition to Duopac oils and Ideal FG hydraulic oils. Duoprime oils meet U.S. FDA regulations 21 CFR 172.878 and 21 CFR 178.3620 (a) and are certified as kosher with the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. Web: www.

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