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The amount of grease the world is making each year may be stagnant, but production is, in fact, changing, Chuck Coe told the National Lubricating Grease Institutes annual conference in Las Vegas last month.

Once participation has been factored in, global grease production in 2018 was largely equal to 2017, according to NLGIs annual survey. But the market is improving the quality of greases we produce, said Coe, whose independent research firm, Grease Technology Solutions, conducted the survey.

Calcium sulfonate grease is the fastest growing thickener type at 13 percent year-on-year. Aluminum complex grease, a viable alternative to increasingly expensive lithium grease, is increasing at 3 percent CAGR. Polyurea follows close behind at 2.2 percent.

The survey also looks at base oil type. Coe noted that with eight years of data on hand, trends can be taken seriously. For example, mineral oils still account for 89 percent of base oils used in greases, but use of nonconventional oils increased about 1.6 percent each year from 2010 to 2018.

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Howard Briskin