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Phillips 66 Backs FA-4

Phillips 66 will extend its product quality guarantee to its Guardol FE SAE 10W-30 heavy-duty engine oil, paying for parts and labor to repair damage caused by lubricant-related failure-even if API FA-4 oil is not recommended for the engine. Of course, certain conditions apply. The product offers excellent wear protection benefits and increased fuel efficiency, proven by the products 92 million miles of field testing, the company says. Guardol FE is formulated with a blend of synthetic and API Group II base stocks and a proprietary low-SAPS additive system to provide engine protection in late-model diesel engines. The company say its Liquid Titanium additive maintains wear protection despite lower high-temperature high-shear viscosity. Web:

Tata and Valvoline Unite

Tata Motors and Valvoline Cummins Private Ltd have teamed up to launch a line of co-branded lubricants. Part of the companys line of Tata Motors Genuine Oils, formulated and tested for the Indian automakers passenger vehicles, the new lubricants will be made widely available on the retail market, the company said. Its genuine oils are designed to be longer-lasting and are suitable for new generation engines. The line includes products like engine oils, gear oils and rear axle oils for both on-road and off-road applications. Web:

Tank Monitoring Levels Up

Material managers can now use 4G LTE for tank monitoring with Atek Access Technologies TankScan TSU1000 ultrasonic tank monitoring system, which provides remote level monitoring of tanks, totes and containers in the field. The TankScan TSU1000s automated tank measurement system optimizes the distribution and collection processes without as much need for manual inspection at remote tank sites, the company says, allowing material managers to know when their customers tanks need to be serviced. Material managers can use the Atek Intelligence Platform to remotely monitor tanks via computer, tablet or smartphone. Web:

Extreme Climate Protection

Protect and strengthen your PSA vehicles engine in extreme conditions with Total Lubrifiants Total Quartz INEO HTC SAE 5W-30 motor oil. Following PSAs updated B71 2297 standard, the French automaker and Total collaborated to develop the motor oil to keep engines clean and protect them in extreme climates where temperatures can exceed 50 degrees Celcius, Total says. The product exceeds ACEA C3 sequence specifications, according to the company, and its wear resistance reduces piston and cylinder friction and extends engine life. PSA recommends the new motor oil for customers in all regions outside of Europe. Web: www.

Subaru Couples with Motul

Subaru vehicle owners in Asia have more low-viscosity motor oil options now that Motul and Motor Image have co-developed a line of cobranded lubricants. French lubricant manufacturer Motul and Subaru Asia distributor Motor Image launched Subaru Engine Oils by Motul SAE 0W-20 and SAE 5W-30 in January, available in eight countries in aftersales networks and Subaru service centers: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Web:

Green Paper Alternative

Working with renewable resources is important in dealing with environmental pollution. To avoid environmental problems, Cortec offers fully recyclable moisture barrier papers as alternatives to polyethylene and wax papers. Using multi-metal vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor papers provides corrosion protection for all kinds of metals with just one type of paper, a more cost-effective option compared to using multiple types of paper, according to Cortec. Web:

Hot Mixing

Specialty mixing equipment manufacturer Ross introduced a more versatile mixer especially suited for medium- to high-viscosity, temperature-critical formulations under stringent vacuum or high-pressure constraints. The Model VMC VersaMix, a multi-purpose triple-shaft mixer, is designed for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit from 29.5-inch Hg vacuum to 8 psig internal pressure. The VMC provides intense mixing, high-speed dissolution, emulsification, de-agglomeration and superior heat transfer in pastes, slurries, gels and suspensions up to several hundred thousand centipoise, the company says.

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