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Better Machining

Two new metalworking fluids from Chemtool Inc. aim to improve machining, grinding and central systems operations. Nusol 21 MW is formulated with a preformed emulsion based on a high viscosity and high molecular weight base oil that enhances cooling and offers improved hard-water stability. The product provides corrosion protection to tools, parts and equipment and separates rapidly from tramp oil, and can be used to replace synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids in machining of cast iron and steel. Lubricut 4284 coolant delivers corrosion inhibition, heat transfer for longer tool life, resistance to water buildup that can cause bacterial growth, and improved detergency for clean finishes on aluminum and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Web:

Ross Keeps Mixing

Ross is tackling hot melts and viscous dispersions with its triple-shaft CDA-800 mixer. The equipment has a 500- to 800-gallon capacity and is designed for full vacuum operation. Suitable for high-heat operation up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, it includes an insulated stainless steel jacket to cover the side and bottom of the mixing can. Other features include a three-wing anchor for bulk flow and heat transfer and reversible high-speed disperser shafts with height-adjustable blades, the company notes. A PLC touchscreen display shows speed, time, temperature and vacuum level. Web:

Group III+ and Hybrid Lubes

Petronas Lubricants International rolled out new products to the base oil and finished lubricant markets. These include an API Group III+ base oil, Etro+, that the company claims promotes fuel efficiency and emissions reductions through its high viscosity index, low cold-cranking viscosity and low Noack volatility. The Malaysian company also released its first engine oil for hybrid cars under the Syntium brand, which it says improves engine protection against heat damage, maximizes power output, optimizes fuel efficiency and keeps engines cool. Web:

Quick Spill Response

Spills are a given at any production facility, and NewPig Corp. wants employees to be prepared with its highly visible Spill Cart, holding various spill collecting materials in its arsenal. The new cart has three times the amount of space compared to the original, the company boasts, and can be rolled over uneven surfaces to different manufacturing areas with ease. The cart contains absorbent socks, mat pads, loose absorbent pads and wipers for hazmat, oil-only and other spills, the company adds, while the top section holds a mounted roll of Pig Mat for easy pull-and-tear dispensing. Web:

Safer Grease Discharge

Fluid-Bag introduced a device to improve dispensing of grease from the companys flexible intermediate bulk containers. The TAU Extractor grips the inner part of the fluid bag, twists it and forces out the grease, leaving only minimal amounts of product inside the packaging. The discharge mechanism is enclosed behind metal safety doors to protect the container inside the dispensing unit and to keep grease from being contaminated by dust, particles and moisture, the company notes. The device will extract grease at the rate the operator requires from the 1,000-liter flexible IBCs and is made to withstand the harsh working environment of mining and steel production facilities. Web:

Greener Cutting

Metalworking operators seeking environmentally friendly fluid alternatives can make use of new mineral oil- and chlorine-free cutting fluids from United Kingdom-based Molyslip. TAP Chlorine Free-branded products extreme pressure and antiwear additive formula provide excellent surface finish to components and protect tools from wear and damage, the company says. The high-performance lubricants are designed for drilling, reaming and tapping applications and are available in liquid, paste and aerosol form. Web:

Honda, JX Nippon Team Up in India

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has joined forces with JX Nippon-Tide Water Oil Lubricants India to offer Eneos Honda engine oil for two-wheelers. Eneos Honda is formulated in two variants: Bikerz oil for motorcycles and Scooterz for scooters. Bikerz is a full-synthetic SAE 10W-30 and SAE 20W-40 product that protects engine and transmission components, provides cleanliness, improves fuel efficiency and meets the JASO MA2 specification. Scooterz is a full-synthetic SAE 10W-30 oil that provides smooth acceleration and engine protection, better fuel economy and meets the JASO MB specification. The products are available in 800- and 900-milliliter as well as 1-liter bottles. Web:

10 Years of Greasing

Macnaughts K32-01 Flexigun offers a warranty for a decade of manual greasing in automotive, fleet, construction, agricultural, mining and industrial applications. The guns variable-stroke piston and valve arrangement facilitates one-handed operation, the company says. The tool includes a three-jaw, high-pressure coupler for positive connection, and a 12-inch flexible extension simplifies access to lubrication points. Output pressure ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 psi with output volume of 0.02 ounces per shot. The gun fits standard 14-ounce grease cartridges or can be bulk filled with NLGI Grade 2 grease. Web: www.

New Malaysian Motor Oil

Kawasakis Malaysian subsidiary launched a new range of two-wheeler lubricants in partnership with Japans Idemitsu Kosan Co. The motor oils improve fuel efficiency and gearbox shifting action and extend wet clutch performance while also reducing wear during engine cold-start, the company says. The engine oil is available in semi-synthetic and full-synthetic SAE 10W-40 formulations at Kawasaki GT World, Ninja Shop and Green Station outlets across Malaysia. Web: www.

Localized Fluid Management

Two versions of Ametek Spectro Scientifics TruVu 360 cloud-based fluid management software can now be installed locally. The program integrates oil analysis hardware with data acquisition, reporting and information management software, according to Ametek. Both systems are meant for use with Spectro Scientific MiniLab on-site oil analysis system for one user. TruVu 360 Basic can be installed on a non-networked local PC, while TruVu 360 Pro can reside on a company network server and includes multiple user licenses. The systems provide automatic diagnostics, an intelligence dashboard and recommendations for action. Web:

Ecolabel for Oxea

Oxeas L9-TMP base oil has been included in the Lubricant Substance Classification List of the European Unions Ecolabel program for meeting relevant classification, biodegradability and aquatic toxicity criteria. That makes Oxlube L9-TMP the ideal base oil for EU Ecolabel compliant lubricant formulations, e.g. in highly sensitive marine applications like stern tube oils or wire rope lubricants, said Jens Kubitschke, application and new business development manager at Oxea. The base oil is a direct one-to-one replacement for the conventional caprylic/capric acid based trimethylolpropane ester, which is widely used in engine oils, textile spinning fluids and other high-performance applications. Web: www.

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