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Ride Out Winter

Red Line Synthetic Oil launched a two-stroke engine oil for snow­mobiles. The full-synthetic, low-ash, biobased oil protects water- and air-cooled direct-injection engines in temperatures as cold as
-40 degrees Fahrenheit for sustained periods of riding. It offers rust protection, maintains cleanliness of spark plugs and pistons and increases bearing life, the company says. The product can be used as an injected or a pre-mixed oil and is compatible with reformulated fuels. Web:

Near-dry Metal Processing

Metalworking operations involving near-dry machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals can make use of new minimum quantity lubricants from United Kingdom-based Molyslip. The fluids have high polarity, low odor and metal wetting properties that eliminate contact between the tool and workpiece, reducing tool wear. They also lack mineral oil, silicones, chlorine and sulfur and are suitable for replacing coolants in various machining applications and processes, including sawing, milling and drilling, the company says. The fluids are available in 5- and 20-liter packages and can be applied to metals using spray mist methods. Web:

Upgraded Oils

Total Specialties USA, part of French oil major Total, is bumping its line of Total Classic conventional motor oils in favor of Total Quartz semi-synthetic oils. The new Total Quartz 7000 Future XT lubricants provide engine cleanliness, protection against wear, enhanced engine performance and extended drain intervals, the company boasts. The oils meet the API SN Plus supplemental engine oil specification to combat the effects of low-speed pre-ignition in modern engines. Total adds that the products will have approvals from original equipment manufacturers, including Ford and General Motors. Web: www.

Wipe Up Oil

Spills of oil, fuels and other hydrocarbons mixed with water are easily absorbed with NewPig Corp.s Oily Water Cleanup Towels. These towels retain oil products collected in crevices and cracks from spills and on tools, while allowing water to pass through. They also float on water thats mixed with oils to collect the sheen on the surface. The towels are made with durable material to scrub hard surfaces including concrete, rocks and asphalt, the company notes. The reusable towels are available in vacuum-sealed packaging to reduce storage space. Web:

Corrosion Bites the Dust

Cars facing the punishing climate and sand of the Omani desert stay lubricated with Shell Omans full synthetic Helix Ultra SAE 0W-20. The low-viscosity oil provides wear and corrosion protection and defends components from high stress and extreme temperatures. It is also designed to mitigate the effects of low-speed pre-ignition on small, turbocharged direction injection engines, the company adds. Helix Ultra meets the API SN Plus passenger car motor oil standard. Web:

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