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Total Taps into EV Lubes

As electric mobility shapes the automotive market, French oil major Total launched two product lines in early December to cool and lubricate components in full electric and hybrid vehicle engines. Total Quartz EV Fluid for light vehicles and Total Rubia EV Fluid for industrial and utility vehicles, as well as electric buses, address issues related to high rotation speeds (friction reduction and efficiency increase) and the need to control heat exchange in electric batteries. They also function in any type of electric current, prevent corrosion of copper coils and protect polymer coatings. The lubricants are available from Total and its subsidiaries in Europe, and include access to charging points at Total service stations and other charging stations across Western Europe. Web:

Guidance for Tests

ASTM International has a new guide to help test developers evaluate a test methods capability to measure properties of lubricants and other petroleum products. The guide allows users to determine and compare the performance of different tests that measure the same property in a specific application and assesses if reproducibility and repeatability are adequate for its intended use. For those test methods with less than optimal precision, the responsible subcommittees would have an opportunity to investigate, suggest improvements in the procedure and design an interlaboratory study as necessary, ASTM notes. The seven-page guide is available as a PDF file or hard copy for $48. Web:

Tougher Engines

SUVs and trucks hauling heavy loads have their engines protected with ExxonMobils Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil for gasoline-fueled, light-duty vehicles. The oil prevents wear and formation of sludge and deposits to maximize engine performance under severe operating conditions, the oil major notes. The SAE 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 product meets API SN and SN Plus, ILSAC GF-5 and ACEA A5/B5 standards, in addition to specifications from Ford and General Motors. Mobil 1 Truck & SUV will be available in one- and five-quart bottles later this year, the company adds. Web:

Level Up

Condensation can tamper with readings of fluid levels in bulk storage, neutralization tanks and waste sumps, but Flowline Inc.s new reflective ultrasonic level transmitter aims to provide accurate measuring in these conditions. The EchoTouch offers continuous level measurements up to 39.3 feet using both an analog and a digital signal output. The device has its transducer oriented vertically, making condensation run off the surface so it does not affect the sensors performance, the company notes. The device can be used to measure non-foaming or highly vaporous liquids, such as chemicals, water and oil. Web:

Meet Engine Demands

Gazpromneft-Lubricants expanded its line of passenger car engine oils with new synthetic products from its G-Energy brand. The SAE 5W-30, 5W-40 and 10W-40 motor oils protect engines against wear, have increased cold-start performance, prevent sludge and deposit buildup, reduce friction and extend drain intervals, the Russian manufacturer notes. The oils can be used in gasoline and turbo­charged direct injection engines and those equipped with emissions systems including exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filters and three-way catalysts, as well as engines running on biofuel mixtures, the company adds. The products meet API SL, API SN, API CF and ILSAC GF-5 standards, ACEA A3/B4/C3 oil sequences, in addition to specifications from Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Renault and General Motors Dexos2. Web:

Improved Material Moving

Flexible screw conveyors from Flexicon are now available in various sizes in ready-to-assemble packages. The conveyors tubes and screws have lengths between 10 and 40 feet and can be used to transport bulk materials such as large pellets or sub-micron powders, including abrasive products and materials prone to pack, cake, bind or smear without separation, the company reports. Depending on the screws geometry, material can be conveyed at horizontal or vertical angles through holes in walls or ceilings, and a discharge housing prevents material contact with seals that can cause bearing failure and contamination. Web:

Get Bikes Roaring

Malaysian motorcycle riders can keep their engines in top shape with new lubricants from Castrol. The Castrol Power1-branded oils include SAE 15W-50, 10W-50, 10W-40 and 5W-40 for four-stroke motorcycles. They reduce internal engine friction to optimize acceleration and clutch performance, decrease oil thickening, absorb heat to keep the engine cool and resist oxidation at high temperatures, the company says. The oils meet JASO MA2 and API SN standards and are available at authorized dealerships in the country. Web:

Cut Friction

Petro-Canada Lubricants released its Metworx brand of non-chlorinated metalworking fluids for machining operations such as milling, turning, drilling, tapping and grinding. The lubricants reduce friction and provide cooling closest to the tip of the tool where the highest temperatures occur, the company says. Products include a medium-viscosity neat cutting fluid, a soluble cutting oil for rapid heat removal, two low-foam biostable semi-synthetic fluids for light-, moderate- and heavy-duty operation, a light-duty and low-foam biostable synthetic fluid and a low-foam alkaline cleaner for coolant sumps and surfaces. Web:

Soaring Performance

The University of Texas at Arlington was awarded a patent for an aircraft grease. The formula includes molybdenum disulfide, which improves wear and friction protection over a range of load conditions. The patented composition serves as a universal grease that functions in multiple conditions for applications in the aerospace industry. Universal greases used on aircraft have to function under extreme pressure conditions and variable temperatures, as well as work on all the moving parts of an aircraft, from wings to a door handle, said Pranesh Aswath, professor of materials science and engineering and mechanical and aerospace engineering. Web:

Faster Oil Results

Spectro Scientific (bought by Ametek Brookfield in November) has revised its FluidScan mid-infrared spectrometer handheld oil analyzer. The device has updated digital electronics and faster processors to speed up oil analysis for onsite measuring of in-service lubricant condition, the company explains. The built-in grease library has a new water index parameter to track the amount of dissolved water in used grease, while new software algorithms help determine if a substance with a different chemistry is mixed with the lubricant, a common problem during oil top-off processes. The FluidScan includes two models: the 1000, to be used as a standalone unit, and the 1100, which can be used on its own or with the companys MiniLab. Web: z

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