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Fishing for Better Oil

Shell aims to protect high-speed diesel engines in the fishing and tug boat segments with Shell Marine 40 engine oil. The products additive system controls piston deposits and helps maintain engine cleanliness for better fuel efficiency and higher reliability, according to the company. The high-speed engines that power tugs and fishing boats face a vastly different operational profile to a container ship or a dredger, said Marcus Schaerer, Shell Marine global marketing manager. We deliver lubricants that recognize and match the differing needs to help ensure that vessel engines can perform their jobs reliably and efficiently. Web:

Perstorp Goes Pro-environment

Perstorps new range of high-performance polyols for base oils can significantly reduce the cradle-to-grave environmental impact of synthetic lubricants, the company says. Its Pro-Environment Polyols include renewable and part-renewable grades of Voxtar pentaerythritol, Evyron trimethylolpropane and Neeture neopolyol. The materials, which the company says are drop-in solutions with identical molecules to mineral based polyols, have all received International Sustainability & Carbon Certification. Web:

Healthier Machining

Metalworking fluid producer Condat has produced an amine-, boron- and formaldehyde-free, high-performance cutting fluid for the international automotive sector that the company reports has a lower impact on worker health. Polybio 650 ABF considerably reduces the risk of skin irritation and limits ammonia odors released by bacterial growth. The oil can increase tool service life by 10 to 15 percent in some applications and reduces roughness on finished surfaces, Condat boasts. The products wettability and detergency also help reduce lubricant consumption. Web: www.

Wireless Fluid Management

The Pulse Fluid Management system helps auto shops keep better tabs on vehicle fluids, says maker Graco. Users can capture previously lost or unassigned costs and uncover hidden profits by tracking bulk fluid activities and monitoring inventory from storage tanks to dispensers. The system, accessible from any network-connected device, monitors the type of fluid that was used, how much, where and when it was dispensed, and who was performing the work, the company says. The product can also be used in other industries, such as mining, fleet services, trucking, heavy construction and oil companies. Web:

Motorcycle Oil for Indonesia

ExxonMobils latest motorcycle oil has entered the Indonesian market. Mobil Super Moto provides excellent engine cleanliness, wear protection and effective corrosion resistance, the company claims. It also boasts that the oils provide 44 to 57 percent better wear protection when measured against API SL oils. The semi-synthetic oils are available for manual and automatic two-wheelers in SAE 10W-40, SAE 10W-30 and SAE 20W-40 viscosities. Mobil lubricants are sold by online retailer Lazada in Indonesia. Web:

North American 0W-16

North American Lubricants PureSyn SAE 0W-16 engine oil is available for the newest Toyota and Honda vehicles, which the company boasts is one of the first to be licensed in the U.S. As of publication, fewer than 20 North American companies have SAE 0W-16 oils licensed by the American Petroleum Institute. Fuel economy will continue to be the driver in advancements of engine oil design, but the careful selection of high quality base oils and additives ensures the necessary protection of newly designed smaller displacement engines, said NAL President Aaron Read. Web:

Roll Up Drums

Moving heavy bulk solid storage drums is now a simpler task with Flexicons drum dumping system. The equipment automatically rolls the drums into position, dumps their contents into a discharge hood and rolls them out of the dumping station, allowing transfer of materials from drums weighing up to 750 pounds, the company says. The device contains photoelectric sensors along the powered roller conveyors where empty drums are placed for removal, which relay the position of full and empty drums to the system controller. The drum dumping system has a high-lift configuration for emptying drums into elevated receiving equipment, an open-chute configuration and a dust-free design for dumping boxes, bins, pails and other containers. Web:

Four-ball Update

Falex Corp.s updated Falex four-ball test machine will be introduced on September 27 at the companys headquarters in Belgium. The new machine is smaller, safer and more versatile, the company says, with improved automation and calibration as well as more capabilities. The product can perform four-ball wear and extreme pressure bench test measurements according to ASTM D2596, D2783, D2266 and D4172. KRL tests can also be run by making small modifications. Web:

Additive Subtracts LSPI

A new additive from Lubrizol aims to address the demands of modern gasoline and diesel engines. PV2500 is a mid-sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur additive package that mitigates the occurrence of low-speed pre-ignition in gasoline direct injection and turbocharged engines and defends against timing chain wear in European vehicles. The company adds that the product meets emissions requirements for after-treatment systems in these cars. The automotive market is expected to see a rise in demand for mid-SAPS lubricant solutions going into gasoline vehicles as OEMs start to introduce gasoline particulate filters, said Anthony Smith, Lubrizol product manager, passenger car engine oils. Web:

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