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Electronics Greasing

Asymtek launched an automated dispensing system for applying greases to electronics manufacturing and for printed circuit board assembly applications. The Helios SD-960 distributes medium and bulk volumes of greases greater than 1 cubic centimeter on line widths and dots that exceed 1 millimeter, or can deposit volumes as low as 0.3 cc on spaces as narrow as 0.3 mm, the company explains. The equipment frame and robotic dispensers allow more overhead clearance than other dispensing platforms. An optional metering system can accommodate various bulk fluid supply options through reservoirs, fluid regulators, booster pumps and other specific fluid and application parts.

Resist Extreme Conditions

Nasyn Groups perfluoro­polyether base oils can be used to blend lubricants used in wide temperature ranges and hazardous environments. Lubaso PFPE base oils are 1,000 centiStoke, colorless synthetic oils. They are non-reactive and nonflammable, and function in temperatures between -75 and 370 degrees Celsius. Properties include high stability in corrosive environments and applications prone to oxidation; low volatility; improved electrical resistance and radiation hardness, in addition to compatibility with various metals, the company notes. The oils are suitable for automotive, electronic, chemical, aerospace, aviation, metal processing and other applications.

Contain Oil Spills

Cleaning oil off floors and other surfaces is a job best left to the Oil Baron from automotive aftermarket supplier S.U.R. & R. The cleaning products formula uses natural microbes to turn spills and stains of oil, grease, brake and transmission fluids into water and carbon dioxide, making them non-flammable and non-hazardous, the company boasts. The residue can then be washed away or disposed of without any additional treatment. Oil Baron comes in liquid form to apply to floors using mops, automated scrubbers and pressure washers, and in an aerosol foam spray ideal for cleaning tools, engine parts and other surfaces.

Stop Oily Discharge

Non-compliant discharges of oil in water can be one less worry for marine operators with Alfa Lavals BlueBox SA oil content monitor and data recorder. The tamper-proof, standalone device monitors water treatment systems such as static coalescers for oil discharge, the company says. If the oil content is above a limit set between 5 and 15 parts per million, the BlueBox prevents the overboard discharge valve from opening. All operational data, including GPS position, alarms and unlocking of the devices cover, is logged and saved for 18 months for operator reference.

Split-second Oil Change

Oil changes take up valuable time, but John Deere is aiming to switch that up with its 30-second oil change system. Lawn tractor owners can twist in a new cartridge that includes the oil and filter, without any drainage needed. Captured contaminants are removed with the old cartridge. The ability to change oil easily, quickly, and without a mess is really appealing to people who dont have traditional oil change experience, said Kirk Eisenbeis, product marketing manager. The 30-second oil change system is available at retailers in the United States and Canada for 2018 models of John Deeres tractors E120, E130, E150, E160, E170 and E180.

Trap Dust

Collecting dust can be left to special equipment, not factory floors, with Flexicons standalone dust collector. The stainless steel housing is equipped with a 6-inch diameter inlet port, a fan motor and a 70-liter collection hopper to remove airborne dust and to discharge solid materials into containers, which improves equipment cleanliness, operator safety and eliminates waste, the company boasts. The device traps dust in dual filter cartridges while material is pulled upstream through hard pipes or flexible connectors. The filter cleaning system then releases short bursts of compressed air at timed intervals so that material from the outer filter surfaces falls into the collection hopper. The dust collector can also be integrated into bulk bag dischargers.

Silent Rails

Kluber released a biodegradable grease for stationary rail flank lubrication systems. The fully synthetic Kluberrail AE 62-61 can be easily pumped to lubricate trackside components and optimize friction reduction between train wheels and rails, which minimizes stick-slip on curves and screeching noises, the company says. The product adheres to components and resists water washout due to rainfall, in addition to forming a grease depot on the rail flank that is picked up and evenly distributed to the train wheels, Kluber adds.

Minimize Foam

Clariant added two emulsifiers for metalworking fluids to its Emulsogen range of products. The MTP 020 and 030 emulsifiers have low-foaming properties and are suitable to replace alcohol ethoxylate in cutting fluid formulations, the chemicals manufacturer says. The additives have lime soap dispersing properties and perform even with rising fluid application pressures. Emulsogen MTP 030, in particular, has high emulsification power, low temperature performance and improved solubility in mineral oils and ester based fluids. The non-ionic emulsifiers are hazard label-free and are registered for global applications, the company adds.

Push Back on LSPI

South Koreas Hyundai Oilbank last month released two engine oils that meet the API SN Plus supplemental passenger car motor oil category. The companys SAE 10W-40 Xteer GSL G700 and SAE 5W-30 Xteer Ultra GSL Pro engine oils address the high-temperature and high-pressure conditions in gasoline and turbo­charged direct injection engines. The oils protect against timing chain wear, oxidation and deposits that can cause low-speed pre-ignition, the company notes. In addition, the products provide shear stability and create an oil film that protects engine components and minimizes power loss in GDI and TGDI operating environments, the manufacturer adds. Web:

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