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Double Offerings from Ross

Charles Ross and Son Co. added a new planetary mixer at its test and development center. The four-gallon planetary dual disperser is equipped with two blades for high-viscosity products and two high-speed dispersers that rapidly break up and dissolve powders, thick slurries and pastes, the company notes. The device includes a jacketed mix vessel and is designed for vacuum operation, able to blend products with viscosities of up to 2 million centipoise. At the testing center companies can test raw materials on the mixer in operating conditions closely resembling actual production, Ross adds. The manufacturer also released protective curtains for its tumble blenders. The curtains provide automatic shutoff of the blenders when a worker crosses a defined security boundary, improving operator safety, the company says. Web:

Sharp Cutting

Sunbelt Lubricants released a non-petroleum based cutting saw lubricant for metalworking operations. CutSpan X-2 is a colorless, odorless cutting fluid for high performance, high output saws used to cut aluminum or stainless steel for further processing, such as billet, ingot, extrusion or cut shapes, the company reports. The biodegradable product is made from natural fatty acids derived from renewable vegetable sources and leaves a lubricating film that prevents metal particles from sticking together, Sunbelt adds. It is intended to be used without diluting in water, oils or solvents in metal removal operations in addition to sawing, such as cutting and drilling, as well as for metal forming operations such as stamping and drawing. Web: www.

Handle Hefty Drums

Moving drums can be a lighter job with portable drum handling equipment from Liftomatic Material Handling. The Ergo-Matic line consists of four drum handling models with heights of up to 36 inches to allow double stacking. Each product has spark-resistant components for flammable areas, double clamps and special wheels and coatings for FDA-approved applications. The products are available in counterbalance and straddle-leg configurations, can handle up to 1,000 pounds per drum and can be used for steel, fiber and plastic drums at ground level as well as for palletizing or placing drums in storage containers, the company notes. The equipment includes hand trucks in addition to fully-powered devices for repetitive lifting environments and long-distance drum movement in plants, labs and warehouses. Web:

Repel Water

Kluber Lubrication rolled out a specialty grease for sanitary applications. Unisilkon LCA 3801 is a silicone and calcium soap based grease with neutral odor that lubricates narrow gaps and difficult-to-reach friction points in equipment exposed to both non-potable and potable water, such as drinking water valves and fittings, the company says. The product offers improved sealing capacity, enhanced load bearing and adhesion, and has thermal stability in cold or hot water, Kluber boasts. The grease is compatible with most ceramics, metals, elastomers and plastics and is resistant to acid or alkaline disinfectants, but the company warns that it is not as resilient against most organic solvents, strong acids or lyes. Web:

Aid Agricultural Equipment

Off-highway equipment in the agricultural sector can use the protection of Exol Lubricants synthetic universal tractor transmission oil. Harvest LV is a low-viscosity formulation for transmissions, hydraulics, final drives and wet brakes that improves anti-squawk performance in brake systems, oxidative stability and low temperature properties, reduces wear and extends oil drain intervals, the company states. The product can be used in modern off-highway equipment in addition to older tractors, and meets API GL-4 and original equipment manufacturer specifications from John Deere, Case New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Caterpillar, Kubota and
others. Web: www.

Reduce Friction Damage

Total is revving up its presence in India through the launch of its Hi-Perf four-stroke motorcycle engine oils. The synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oil based lubes protect scooter, racing motorcycle and other two-wheeler engine parts against damage from sudden breaking, heavy clutch usage and frequent gear changes, the company boasts. The SAE 10W-50, 10W-40, 10W-30 and 20W-40 motor oils reduce friction and wear, prevent clutch slippage and protect cylinders and pistons at high temperatures. The products meet API SN and JASO MA2 standards. Web:

Push Out Corrosion

Thrust gears, steering gears and stern tubes operating in highly corrosive marine environments can count on protection from Royal Purples Biomax hydraulic oil. The Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant displaces moisture to protect vessel equipment against rust, corrosion and oxidation due to extreme heat, and has improved seal compatibility and solvency, the company notes. The hydraulic oil provides lubrication to components such as bearings, stabilizers, rudders, controllable pitch propellers and azipods and is compliant with requirements laid out in the Unites States Environmental Protection Agencys 2013 Vessel General Permit. Web: www.royalpurple

Enhance Wire Drawing

Manufacturers can stabilize components in copper and non-ferrous wire drawing applications with new fluids from Metalube UK. Lubricool 33, 11, 319, 230 and 250B are synthetic and semi-synthetic chemistries that provide longer sump life through lower interaction with copper; resistance to soap formation, excessive foaming and bacterial formation; reduced corrosion and oxidation; emulsion stability; increased detergency and resistance to high conductivity conditions. The company claims the products deliver fewer wire breaks, reduced capstan wear and extended die life, according to results from fluid trials being conducted at different facilities in Europe. Web: www.

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