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Improved Base Oils

Excel Paralubes upgraded its Pure Perform­ance-branded 110 and 225 neutral API Group II base oils. The oils have improved Noack volatility, cold crank viscosity and viscosity indices for blends of conventional passenger car and heavy-duty engine oil grades. The 110N base oil has a maximum volatility of 22 percent, cold crank viscosity of 1,350 centipoise at -25 degrees Celsius and a 105 minimum V.I., while the 225N base stock has cold crank viscosity of 2,800 centipoise at -20 C and a minimum V.I of 100, the base oil producer notes. Web: www.pureperformance

Biogrease from Cortec

Cortec Corp. released two biobased greases from its EcoLine brand. The companys drilling rod grease has extreme pressure additives to protect rod joints from constant vibration and reduces friction and wear. The aluminum complex-thickened grease is available in NLGI grades 1, 2 and 3 and is recommended for environmentally sensitive areas such as waterways. Cortec also released a lithium based grease for lubricating fifth wheels in semi-trucks. The grease has extreme pressure additives that reduce friction and wear, resists water washout and functions in wide operating temperatures. It can also be used in trailer hitches, mechanical joints and other parts with sliding or rolling metal-to-metal contact, the company adds. Web:

Hype Up Hydraulics

Bringing efficiency to hydraulic equipment in mining, construction, forestry, agricultural and industrial applications is the mission of Gazpromneft-Lubricants G-Special Power HVLP hydraulic oils. The lubricants are formulated with Evonik Oil Additives Dynavis technology to enable operation in a wide temperature range, improve cold-start performance and lengthen drain intervals. The Russian company adds that the oils increase equipment performance and fuel economy and reduce the amount of hydraulic system failures in both bench and field tests. Web:

Better Packaging

Spanish lube manufacturer Cepsa has a new package for its passenger car and industrial lubricant products. The company says the packaging distributes the weight of the lubricant better, is leak-proof and has a side handle with textured plastic to offer better grip and an easier pour. The new bottles are also color-coded to make them more identifiable: Gold for the XTAR range, silver for Avant and Genuine-branded motor oils and red for lubricants used in transmissions and other auxiliary industrial equipment. Revised labels include more understandable technical information, and jugs contain 30 percent recycled plastic. Web:

Gain Fuel Economy

ExxonMobil is the latest to enter the low-viscosity arena in North America with its Mobil 1 SAE 0W-16 Advanced Fuel Economy synthetic motor oil. The oil major notes that the product has increased cold-start and low-temperature performance as well as wear protection. It also has thermal and oxidative stability to reduce aging. The oil meets API SN and API SN Plus and is aimed at internal combustion and hybrid engines, including certain Honda and Toyota vehicles in the United States. Web:

Easier Drum Transport

Taking the hassle out of lifting and moving drums is Liftomatic Material Handlings goal. The company recently released the Ergo-PWPL-750 powered drum handling transport to move steel, plastic and fiber drums of weights between 650 and 1,000 pounds in plants, warehouses and laboratories. The company also released the 3A-HDBHDL mechanical below-hook attachment that can be used to lift 55-gallon drums from an overhead position to place in containment devices, on scales or on pallets. A third product line, the DCM automatic and mechanical drum handling attachments, can raise up to four drums at a time to move them to shipping docks, loading containers, flatbed trucks and for general fill line use. Web:

Greif Adjusts GCube

Industrial packaging company Greif added some features to its GCube-branded intermediate bulk containers. It introduced high-density polyethylene barrier protection to protect solvent based products and other chemicals against gas permeation that can affect product performance, extending shelf life. The company also replaced the generic aluminum foil seal underneath its butterfly valve with one that includes the GCube logo, to remove the risk of product counterfeiting. These packaging changes come along with Greifs introduction of specialty steel and stainless steel tight-head and open-head drums of capacities between five and 250 liters at its plant in the United Kingdom. Web:

Lubrita Gets JASO Approval

Lubrita Europe B.V. received JASO MA2 approval from the Japan Lubricating Oil Society for its range of synthetic four-stroke motorcycle engine oils. The SAE 15W-50, SAE 5W-50 and SAE 5W-40 oils prevent sliding, sticking or rough changing of the motorcycle clutch plates; control wear, corrosion and foaming; reduce friction; maintain viscosity over different temperatures and have good detergency and dispersion. The products are available worldwide. Web:

Maintain Modern Engines

Gasoline and turbocharged gasoline direct-injection engines get a boost in protection with DuraMax full synthetic XLT engine oil from Reladyne. The product provides wear protection, prevents deposit and sludge formation and defends GDI and TGDI engines from the effects of low-speed pre-ignition. The company adds that the SAE 0W-20 and SAE 5W-30 oils meet the General Motors Dexos1 Gen2 specification, in addition to ILSAC GF-5 and API SN. Web:

Busy BP

BPs lubricant subsidiary Castrol launched Hysol SL 37 XBB, a semi-synthetic soluble cutting fluid for steel and aluminum alloy machining operations. The fluid is boron-, chlorine- and formaldehyde-free and can reduce biocide additive top-ups by up to 90 percent, leading to longer fluid life, the company says. The fluid is suitable for soft- and hard-water regions and is non-irritating to skin in a 20 percent emulsion. Castrol also launched a new wind turbine lubricant, Tribol GR SW 460-1. It claims that the product creates a stable lubricant film that becomes even more pressure resistant with increasing load, and resists shearing, wear and water ingress. Web:

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