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Stabilize Fluids

Emery Oleochemicals added a high-temperature-stable ester to its biobased lubricant offering. Dehylub 4105 is a synthetic ester derived from renewable raw materials that can be used as a base fluid or a lubricity additive to provide hydrolytic and high- or low-temperature stability, the company says. It has a flash point above 280 degrees Celsius, a pour point of -40 C and shows low volatility in operating temperatures of 180 to 250 C. As a base fluid, it can be blended to make chain oils for various applications, as well as two-stroke motorcycle engine oils, gear oils and greases. The product can also serve as an additive, to boost lubricity in straight oil and emulsifiable metalworking fluids, the company adds. Dehylub 4105 is available commercially in Europe and in sample quantities in North America and Asia-Pacific. Web:

Champion Flexes its Muscles

This fall, muscle car drivers can take advantage of Champion Brands new slate of SAE 5W-30, 0W-40 and 5W-50 motor oils that increase fuel economy, protect and clean engines, reduce wear and minimize viscosity breakdown. The company will also launch a semi-synthetic SAE 10W-40 racing motor oil that reduces operating temperature, offers viscosity stability at high temperatures and protects flat tappet cams, roller cams, upper cylinders and bearings from wear. The oils can be used in turbocharged street car and truck engines, supercharged gasoline engines and multi-valve, fuel-injected engines. The oils meet API SN and Dexos1 specifications. Web: www.champion

Exact Greasing

Graco released an automatic lubrication system to supply grease to trucking and off-highway components. The electric grease jockey features a pump with integrated controls to provide the systems status and a sensor to alert operators when lubricant is low. We engineered an impact-, UV- and chemical-resistant system that is protected from motor burnout and provides valuable feedback to fleet managers while reliably and consistently delivering NLGI grade 2 grease, said Dan Jensen, global product manager for Gracos lubricant equipment division. The company boasts that the product improves component life compared to manual lubrication, supplies fresh grease to reduce equipment downtime and saves on routine lubrication and repair costs. Web:

Drive Out Emissions

A new heavy-duty engine oil additive from Chevron Oronite improves emissions control and fuel economy in off-road applications. OLOA 61011 is formulated with viscosity and friction modifiers to deliver wear and corrosion protection, clean pistons and defend heavy-duty and light-duty commercial vehicles against corrosion in high or low temperatures, the company notes. It also enhances cold startup performance. The product is available in SAE 10W-30 and SAE 10W-40 grades and meets Euro VI emissions requirements, in addition to emissions standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union. Web: www.oronite.

Varnish-Free Oil

Fluitec International launched two turbine oils that control deposits to prevent varnish formation. The ISO 32 and ISO 46 viscosity grade Infinity-branded oils improve valve performance with their air release properties, suppress foam, increase filterability and protect compressors and gas, steam and wind turbines against rust and corrosion. The company claims that the products remove varnish-producing deposits to eliminate the need for mitigation equipment, reducing downtime, operational problems such as trips or fail-starts and issues on turbine bearings, servo valves, hydrogen seals, heat exchangers and other components. The products meet original equipment manufacturer specifications from General Electric and Alsom, and are available worldwide. Web:

Particles Cant Hide

Detect wear elements in lubricants with a new oil analysis instrument from Micromem Technologies. The company says its portable RT-Lube Analyzer provides real-time, on-site detection of 13 types of wear particles through automatic sampling on a pre-scheduled basis instead of sending a manual sample to a laboratory, the company says. The data is then sent to a cloud storage system for analytics, allowing for flexible communication of the results. The Toronto-based companys initial focus is to measure wear-causing elements in wind turbine gearboxes, but claims the RT-Lube Analyzer can also detect particles in power transformer insulating fluids or carryover of chemicals on product surfaces. Web:www.micromeminc.

Tough Cleaning

Operators can clean and degrease work sites, tools and machinery with a new degreaser from WD-40. The industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser is a non-aerosol, water based spray that removes grease, oil, dirt and grime from copper, aluminum and chrome surfaces. The product emits low odor and is made with solvents that make it biodegradable, the company reports. The degreaser is part of WD-40s specialist line of products and is available at retailers in the United States. Web:

Mobil Goes to India

ExxonMobil rolled out a fully synthetic oil in India for gasoline and diesel engines. Mobil Super 3000 is an SAE 5W-30 formulation that protects engines at high and low temperatures, which makes it suitable for the countrys various weather conditions, the company says. The oil improves cold-startup, enhances engine cleanliness, protects against wear and prevents sludge buildup. It meets ACEA A5/B5 and A1/B1, API SL and SN and two Ford specifications. Web:

Bel-Ray Increases Products

Bel-Ray released new products for mining equipment and food applications. The multipurpose Molylube SF100 open gear and rope lubricant reduces wear, improves water resistance, protects against rust and corrosion, and protects components in extreme pressure conditions. This aerosol lubricant resists fling-off in open and girth gears, pinions, wire ropes, drive chains and sliding surfaces of draglines, shovels, mills, stationary and mobile cranes, the company expands. No-Tox Ultra F multipurpose mineral oil based lubricants protect hydraulic systems, gear cases, chains, compressors, bearings and circulating systems from wear, rust and corrosion. The products are available in six different viscosities and are NSF H1 registered for incidental contact with food.

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