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Eliminate Oxidation

Stanhope-Seta released a device to determine a lubricants ability to separate from water. The Herschel Emulsifier is a benchtop instrument that tests water separation from oils and synthetic fluids. Its four individual stirrers with automatic raising and lowering allow for simultaneous or individual tests. Test cylinders are located in a temperature controlled bath with an adjustable set point of either 54 or 82 degrees Celsius, in accordance with ASTM and ISO test methods, the company adds. The products display gives audio and visual reminders at each recording interval, and its safety features include obstruction overrides, a sensor to alert of overheating and low liquid levels, and an emergency button to stop the test. Web: www.

Real-time Results

Trico Corporation released an oil level monitor to identify equipment status and maintenance requirements in industrial and manufacturing applications. Sensei is a wireless monitoring system that transmits oil level, consumption and ambient temperature data of pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans and blowers that require consistent fluid levels, the company states. The product has three main components: an oil sensor, a router that securely transmits data to the cloud, and a dashboard that receives information in real-time. The company boasts that the Sensei reduces inspection time, minimizes maintenance personnel visits to difficult access areas, shortens downtime of machinery and improves operational efficiency. Web:

Ease Grease Application

Lubricating hard-to-reach industrial components can be simpler with SKFs MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator. The product features a reservoir with capacity of one liter, tubing and connectors to supply grease to bearings in industrial applications, off-road vehicles and agricultural equipment, the company says. The lubricator features a stirring paddle to prevent grease separation and is designed to resist vibration, equipment washdowns and contamination ingress. In addition, the product has alarms for low grease levels or equipment malfunction. The lubricator functions in maximum operating pressure of 1,740 psi and in temperatures ranging from -25 to 70 degrees Celsius, the company adds. Web:

Europe Goes Light

Designed for the harsh, stop-start driving conditions found in cities, ExxonMobil released two product lines as part of its Mobil Delvac offering for European light commercial vehicles. The City Logistics line includes four SAE 5W-30 viscosity, fully synthetic engine oils for light commercial vehicle categories P, V, F and M, the company says, while its Light Commercial Vehicle product is a semi-synthetic, 10W-40 viscosity oil for E category vehicles. Both motor oils increase thermal-oxidative stability, control piston deposits, protect against wear, enhance low temperature pumpability and manage sludge, soot and filter pressure. ExxonMobil claims that these oils extend engine life and maintain fuel economy in gasoline and diesel engines of LCVs. Web:

Decrease Equipment Failure

Orbitron released a fluid filtration system for applications in manufacturing, refining, mining, maritime shipping, power generation, paper mill and waste water treatment. The Orbitron 3000 is a compact unit with a 22-cell electrostatic filter that identifies microscopic contaminants in lubricants and eliminates them at a rate of five gallons per minute, the company boasts. The system purifies the lube first and then removes any deposit buildup accumulated over time, Orbitron claims. Benefits of the filtration system include reduced costs associated with purchasing oils and waste oil removal, extended equipment life, fewer machine shutdowns and minimized maintenance. Web:

Eye the Packaging Line

Cognex Corp. has a new visual system to inspect packages in production lines. The In-Sight 7000 is a compact module with 400 different field configurations that adjust to production needs, the company says. The product features field-changeable lenses and optics with an autofocus function that reduce the need for external lighting. It also has colored lights, optical filters and polarizers that can be swapped to meet specific requirements. The In-Sight can be used for a variety of applications such as lubricants packaging, to inspect the fill level, quality and integrity of the package and correctness of the label. Web:

Keep Motorcycles Roaring

Cepsa launched XTAR Moto and Cepsa Moto for two-wheelers in an effort to meet increasing technical requirements for modern two- and four-stroke engines with higher revolutions per minute. The fully synthetic XTAR Moto 4T and Cepsa Moto 4T oils offer protection to engine components, transmissions and clutches under high temperatures by providing thermal stability, minimizing wear and raising detergency to prevent dirt and deposit formation, the company claims. These oils come in SAE 5W-40, 10W-40, 10W-50, 15W-50, 20W-40 and 20W-50 viscosities. In addition, Cepsas mineral and synthetic oil-formulated two-stroke engine oils have increased lubricity, detergency and smoke reduction to decrease emissions and deposits. Both motorcycle oil lines can be used in mopeds, scooters, dirt bikes and ATVs and meet JASO MA and API SN standards. Web:

Power up Engines

Lubrizol aims to keep modern passenger cars from breaking down with its PV1119 additive technology for gasoline and turbocharged direct injection engines. The engine oil additive provides protection against low speed pre-ignition and premature chain wear, the company says, while meeting ILSAC GF-5s requirements for durability and fuel economy. PV1119 maintains viscosity modifier interchangeability and broad base oil coverage, Lubrizol adds. According to Martin Birze, Lubrizols regional business manager for passenger car motor oils, the additives have proven protection against LSPI throughout the oil drain interval, an attribute the company bets will be appealing to original equipment manufacturers. Web: z

Simplified Storage

Need to safely handle lubricants without the heavy-lifting of equipment? The OilSafe Satellite Lube Room from Whitmore provides clean and efficient storage and handling of lubricants in demanding environments, the company boasts. The space is a fully self-contained steel structure for storing, dispensing and managing industrial lubricants and includes safety features such as spill drainage, a fire suppression tank and an electrical shut-off feature. The company adds that structure can be customized or expanded with OilSafes Customizable Lubrication Work Center, Tote Dispensing Rack, Filter Cart and other structural components. The storage unit comes in sizes of 20 and 40 feet and can be easily transported on flatbed tow trucks or larger trailers. Web:

Take on Heat

Axel Christiernsson launched a high-performing heavy duty grease, Calsullence 542 HQS Green, for industrial, mining and off-road applications. The grease is thickened with calcium sulfonate complex soap and made with semi-synthetic base oil to enhance thermal-oxidative stability at high temperatures while increasing mobility at low temperatures, the company states. The product stands up to harsh conditions including water ingress, corrosion and heavy loads. Axel boasts that this grease has extended life at high temperatures and exceeds the NLGI GC_LB specification requirements. Web:

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