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WD-40 Launches Grease Line

For the first time in company history, WD-40 is adding greases to its product slate with its WD-40 Specialist Greases for automotive, agricultural, marine and construction equipment. The greases are interchangeable to prevent cross-contamination that may compromise performance, the company says, while protecting against corrosion, high temperatures and extreme conditions. The product line includes a multipurpose grease, two greases for improved load-carrying ability in heavy-duty trucks and a marine grade grease to protect trailer wheel bearings, trailer chassis, water pumps, anchor reels and outboard motors against rust. The products are available in the United States at Home Depot stores. Web:

Maximize Drain Intervals

ExxonMobil boasts its longest oil drain interval with the new Mobil 1 Annual Protection synthetic motor oil. The product offers motorists up to 20,000 miles without an oil change, the company says, providing protection, increasing engine performance for one full year and lowering the environmental impact of used oil. The motor oil shows resistance against oxidation, thermal stability, improved wear protection and decreased buildup of sludge and deposits, according to tests conducted by the company. The engine oils guarantee applies to customers who use Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil filters, but not vehicles used for racing or commercial applications. Mobil 1 Annual Protection is available across the United States in SAE 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 viscosities. Web:

Uniform Blending

Ross released the VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer for paste, cream and gel-type materials. The machine has a three-wing anchor, a high speed dispenser and a high shear rotor that operate independently at different speeds to allow for uniform powder dispersion, emulsification, dissolution, homogenization, heating, cooling or removing air from low- and high-viscosity products, the company states. The mixer cover has multiple ports for loading raw materials and installing a vacuum/pressure transmitter, thermal probe and tank light, and operators can position a bucket under the vessel to catch finished product after the mixing cycle. Different models that can mix one to 4,000 gallons, with planetary mixers available for processing extremely viscous materials. Web:

Improved Oil Check

Spectro Scientific has made a new software version available for its SpectrOil 100 and SpectrOil M series of oil analyzers. Both instruments measure suspended or dissolved particles in mineral or synthetic oils using a rotating disc electrode technique for determining elemental composition in fluids. Version 8 of the software offers stability improvements through new signal processing methods and facilitates calibration and standardization for faster operation, the company adds. An improved background measurement method provides lower limits of detection in field applications, including temperature and background measurement corrections that eliminate re-standardization. The software boosts remote support for users by identifying files that should be sent to the companys labs for further analysis. Web:

Detailed Oil Change Reminders

Cobra Systems released a new reminder sticker system for oil change businesses and repair shops. The Striker Pro Reminder Sticker System uses a portable keyboard and printer that provides stickers with the shops location, contact information and date for the next maintenance or oil change, as well as a QR code for the customer to access the shops schedule and confirm an appointment online, the company says. The QR code can be programmed with promotional offers, recommended oil types, tire rotation or other repair services and messages from the shop. Web:

Protect Gas Engines

Chevron released a new oil from its HDAX product line to reduce ash deposits in natural gas engines. HDAX 9200 is an SAE 40 ash dispersant engine oil that offers combustion chamber and piston deposit control, as well as reduction of sludge and wear in different engine parts, the company says. Its ash-reducing additives minimize pre-ignition and spark plug fouling, in addition to improving oxidation and nitration resistance and protecting the engine from the effects of acidity, the company adds. The engine oil is suitable for high output, turbocharged, low-emission, four-cycle gas engines and is compatible with fuels low on sulfur and chlorofluorocarbons. Web:

Castrol Revs Up Motorcycles

Castrol India launched an engine oil aimed at four-stroke cruiser and tourer motorcycles. Power1 Cruise is an SAE 15W-50 viscosity oil formulated to withstand heat and friction and control deposit formation to prevent engine power loss in the bike, the company says. The product protects clutch and gears of carbureted and fuel-injected motorcycles, Castrol adds. The oil complies with API SL and JASO MA2 standards, and Castrol recommends it for bikes from original equipment manufacturers such as Royal Enfield and Bajaj. Power1 is available in 2.5-liter bottles at auto repair stores and Castrol Bike Points. Web: z

SKF Eases Grease Application

Lubricating hard-to-reach industrial components can be simpler with SKFs new MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator. The product features a reservoir with capacity of one liter, tubing and connectors to supply grease to bearings in industrial applications, off-road vehicles and agricultural equipment, the company says. The lubricator features a stirring paddle to prevent grease separation and is designed to resist vibration, equipment washdowns and contamination ingress. In addition, the product has alarms for low grease levels or equipment malfunction. The company adds that the lubricator functions in maximum operating pressure of 1,740 psi and in temperatures ranging from -25 to 70 degrees Celsius. Web:

Real-time Results

Trico Corporation has a new oil level monitor to identify equipment status and maintenance requirements in industrial and manufacturing applications. Sensei is a wireless monitoring system that transmits oil level, consumption and ambient temperature data for pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans and blowers that require consistent fluid levels, the company states. The product has three main components: an oil sensor, a router that securely transmits data to the cloud, and an intuitive web-based dashboard that receives information in real-time. Web:

Boost European Engines

Liqui Moly developed two new engine oils to fulfill Euro 6 emissions standards. Top Tec 6100 and 6200 are formulated for BMW and Volkswagen passenger cars, respectively. The 6100 oil is an SAE 0W-30 viscosity motor oil that reduces volatility, friction and ash deposits to protect diesel particulate filters from dirt, the company says. The 6200 is a 0W-20 viscosity oil that defends engines from wear and deposits and offers oxidative stability in addition to longer drain intervals, the manufacturer adds. Both engine oils reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, but the company warns that they are only suitable for European engines and not conventional motors. Web:

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