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Tougher Wire Ropes

Marine vessel operators can now keep their wire ropes in top shape with an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant from Rocol for use in ports, shipping, dredging and deep sea fishing applications. Biogen Marine Rope Dressing creates a protective barrier against corrosion for ropes in wet or submerged environments, the company says. Its additives minimize the possibility of lube falling to the ground or on cargo crane cabs, and can be easily cleaned up in the event of fling-off. Biogens viscosity makes it ideal for pumping through automatic lubrication systems that assist lubricant penetration between the wire ropes strands, Rocol boasts, and its thickening structure prevents the lubricant from melting and dripping in warmer climates. Web:

Cleaner Forging Lube

Oelheld launched a lubricant for hot forging of steel and alloys. AirForge 4028 is a colorless, graphite-free lube that protects metals against oxidation, gas diffusion and heat, the company states, and allows for cleaner operating floors and equipment. The product is diluted in water and can be used by dipping or spraying in metal blanks. The company adds the lube is free of lead, solvents and other toxic components. Web:

Valtris Releases Wax-based Lubes

Valtris Specialty Chemicals launched two new lubricants for plastic pipework. Petrac 200, produced with Fischer-Tropsch wax technology, is formulated for rigid PVC pipes and suitable for contact with potable water, the company says. Petrac 230 is a high density oxidized polyethylene wax with metal release properties that acts as a fusion promoter to enable more controlled processing of highly filled and difficult to fuse formulations, Valtris adds. Both lubricants can be combined with other products from the companys line to assist in extrusion of rigid PVC components. Web:

Upgraded Oil Analysis

Spectro Scientific introduced its most recent version of the FluidScan portable infrared oil chemistry analyzer. The product features more accurate results by lowering limits of detection on total water measurement for turbine oils from 1,000 parts per million to 300 ppm, the company states. It also has an expanded oil library to facilitate matching of over 700 oils and modified functions such as data viewing to increase analysis speed. In addition to water, FluidScan measures total acid number, oxidation, glycol, total base number and other parameters using Spectros Direct Infrared Spectroscopy technology. Web:

Shield Circuits from Corrosion

Cortec released a corrosion inhibitor for electronic components and electrical equipment. The EcoSonic Cleaner protects metals and alloys in indoor and outdoor applications against moisture, oils, grime and other contaminants in industrial, marine and tropical environments, the company says. The vapor phase corrosion inhibitor formulation can be sprayed on the components of generators, junction boxes, electrical outlets, contacts and motors, printed circuit boards and high or low voltage devices like relays, connectors, sensors and wiring. The company adds that the product does not alter the electrical resistance or magnetic properties of metal substrates and can be safely applied for protection of electronic circuits or relays without causing any significant changes in conductivity. Web:

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